Chicago Police Kill Dog While Chasing Suspect Through Neighbor’s Yard

How about getting these police some training in how to interact with dogs? Obviously, they've got that shooting stuff down pat! I'll be one of...


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How about getting these police some training in how to interact with dogs? Obviously, they’ve got that shooting stuff down pat!

I’ll be one of the first to defend good police men and women but aren’t we hearing about way too many dogs getting killed just for being in the wrong place (like their homes) at the right time? If this was a child, everybody would be requiring a police investigation. Well, Lady meant as much to this good man and yet the police feel that they can just rampage through his yard, killing his dog! Okaying this sort of roughshod behavior is like saying, “We were after a burglar and Mrs. Jones got in the way. Oops, didn’t mean to shoot her, but hey, she was in the wrong place. Better luck next time.”

I haven’t brought this up before in previous posts on this subject but when the 800 pound gorilla sits on your lap, its time to pay attention. Has anyone else noticed that these dogs are NOT getting killed in expensive neighborhoods? Odd, the police only feel threatened by dogs in middle class and working class areas. Hmmmm. Could it be that the police don’t want to shoot the mayor’s dog? Heck, they might even get in trouble for that! Now you could say to me that maybe police aren’t as likely to chase thugs in expensive neighborhoods. And I would say, that’s strange cause if I were a thug, I’d go where the good stuff could be stolen.

Could it be that the shooting of pet dogs willy-nilly by charging police officers only or at least mainly happens in those neighborhoods with less financial and political power? If so, isn’t this an issue that appropriate human and civil rights groups should be investigating? After all, the stray bullets these uncontrolled police are tossing around don’t know they’re not supposed to hits humans, wealthy or otherwise.

Thanks to for this sad news.

Senior Citizen Filing Suit: Police Killed My Dog
Calvin Hale Badly Misses ‘Lady’

CHICAGO — A Chicago dog owner is filing a lawsuit against police after an officer reportedly killed his pet while chasing a suspect through his property.

Replacing his dog “Lady” isn’t even an option for senior citizen Calvin Hale.

“Every time I see a dog, I think about her,” he said.

Not only would it be too painful, but he said he might not live long enough to raise a dog from its puppy stage. He’s alleging his rights were violated and that he suffered emotional distress when his dog was killed, but what he really wants is for the city to do right by him.

Chicago police said Hale has never filed a formal complaint with them about the dog’s shooting, and the lawsuit Hale is filing is the first they’re hearing from him.

It’s been a year since Hale’s akita was killed, but not even time can heal his emotional pain.

The 68-year-old said last February he was filling his dog’s water bowl he heard something unusual.

He looked up and said he saw a policeman running from the back of his yard, to the front, and seconds later, his dog was dead.

Amy Breyer practices animal law and is helping Hale file a lawsuit against the city of Chicago and the two officers who ran through his yard ultimately killing the dog.

“They didn’t have to shoot the dog fatally,” Breyer said.

Hale is a man of modest means and doesn’t even own a photo of Lady, but that’s not to say Hale doesn’t have fond memories of his 10-year-old pet.

“She was very intelligent,” Hale said. “I haven’t gotten over this.”

Follow this link to read the rest and watch the video.

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