Check Out This PSA: Don’t All Dogs Deserve to Be Internet Famous?


You know, sometimes it seems like cats get all the glory on the Internet. Everyone uses the phrase “cute cat videos” as a synonym for doing pleasurable stuff online when you should be doing more “productive” stuff. I myself have been known to “joke” that the cats secretly built the Internet so that we could worship them more efficiently.

But dogs need social media attention, too. They’re pretty damn adorable, and it’s a cinch that they’re better in the loyalty department than your average cat.


It may just be that dogs aren’t as good at marketing themselves and figuring out how to build a brand.

The video below makes a good case that dogs need our help in making themselves Internet famous. How can you not be touched by the heartfelt pleas and the big, soulful eyes as each person tells the tragic stories of dogs “lost and alone… because they don’t have a web presence.” Perhaps the best revelation is about Doug the Pug, who actually has achieved status as a canine Internet celebrity. “When we found Doug the Pug,” his owner says, “his name was Bertrand the Poodle. Clearly this dog was being mis-marketed.”

Who knows how many Doug the Pugs there could be, languishing without proper branding or SEO consultations?

In all seriousness, the video is a great satire on social media practices and the pervasiveness of cute animal videos. It was co-produced by sketch group Pop Roulette and Mashable, and shot by someone very familiar to us here at Dogster: Keith Hopkin, who you may remember from the viral classic “Dogs in Cars,” and its successors. He’s working at Mashable these days, and that’s resulted in some great dog-related video work, such as this one and his “Running of the Pugs,” which he produced as well as shot. Hopefully, if Keith keeps making videos like this, dog videos might very well successfully compete with the cats for media domination.

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