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Check Out Elke Vogelsang’s New Batch of Expressive Dog Photos

The German photographer's pictures of rescue dogs capture the playful, goofy, and soulful sides of dogs.

dogedit  |  Jun 18th 2015

Elke Vogelsang, a photographer in Hildesheim, Germany, takes some of the most expressive dog portraits we’ve ever seen, and her latest batch feature some of her best work yet.

Look at this dog:


The photographer’s main models are her three rescue dogs, Scout, Noodles, and Ioli, according to Bored Panda, who have been up on Vogelsang for a while.

“Scout was found with her siblings next to her dead mother somewhere in a field near Zaragoza,” she says, according to the Daily Mail. “And Ioli’s mother arrived in very bad condition and pregnant in Germany.”


Vogelsang started the project after her husband suffered a brain hemorrhage; Scout and Noodles, her only dogs at the time, found him in the bathtub.

“They heard that something was wrong and raised the alarm, running to the bathroom door, so we found my husband lying in the bathtub unconscious.”




She started photographing her dogs as her husband, who spent months in the hospital, recovered, according to the Daily Mail.

“When my husband was in hospital, I took a picture every day as a diary for him when he was away from us and had no memory. This one-picture-a-day project lasted much longer than that,” she says. “Photography became something like an addiction to me, as it was such a great way to try to stay calm, to relax, to be creative.”

Enjoy more of Vogelsang’s work:








Check out Vogelsang’s Facebook page, website, and pre-order her book Nice Nosing You: For the Love of Life, Dogs and Photography on Amazon!

Via Bored Panda and the Daily Mail

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