Charlotte, NC Hit With Rash of Dog Nappings by “Rescuer”

Let's say right up front that this is not a real rescuer, as they note in the story. I hope this woman is caught soon!...


Beware Of Dog Thieves!


Let’s say right up front that this is not a real rescuer, as they note in the story. I hope this woman is caught soon!

This story was on WCNC. I first saw the story on the K9 Amber Alert List.

Neighbors in Charlotte’s Cotswold area fear a woman who claims to be a dog rescuer is actually stealing dogs.

Indy,” a Belgian Shepherd, was picked up minutes after owner Amy Weinstock says Indy got out of the backyard.

Indy followed another dog, “Maude,” down Sharon Amity after escaping.

“Someone looked at her and said this is a goldmine,” Weinstock said.

Indy had been missing about 15 minutes. Maude’s owner, who saw Indy following her dog, said she saw a woman in a red Jeep Cherokee pull into the Circle K gas station.

“‘Is this your dog?’ (the woman asked) I said ‘no, is it yours?’ She said ‘no, it wasn’t, but I’m a dog rescuer, that’s what I do,” said Maude’s owner. “I thought she was trying to help.”

Then the woman claiming to be a rescuer grabbed Indy and left.

Several missing posters, phone calls, conversations and ads later, Weinstock says the story just didn’t add up.

“I’ve been to all the shelters, I’ve contacted rescue organizations, none of them heard of this woman,” Weinstock said.

Weinstock said she did hear from two neighbors who said their purebred dogs were also recently stolen in the same area. They said it appears the dogs were purposely let out of backyards or homes.

“If she was truly a dog rescuer, she would make an effort to contact the dog’s owner,” said Weinstock.

Weinstock believes that in Indys case, one woman’s best friend is another woman’s payday.

“It’s dognapping or kidnapping, but this woman had no right to take my dog,” said Weinstock.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article or see the video.

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