Chance At Life Or Death Sentence?

I want to thank Dogster member Barbara for barking to me about ' Southside Bulldoggin,' a controversial rescue group specializing in pit bulls. The rescue...

I want to thank Dogster member Barbara for barking to me about ‘ Southside Bulldoggin,’ a controversial rescue group specializing in pit bulls.

The rescue is run by brother and sister Casey and Curly Phelps, who promise a $50 donation to take your dog and find them a new home. However, over the three years that they’ve been open it has just come to light that 261 of the dogs taken in have been turned over to a shelter and euthanized.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – For three years hundreds of people have turned over dogs to a Nashville rescue group with the hope they will find new homes, but it turned out to be a death sentence for the dogs.

Casey Phelps said her rescue group was legit and promised and had given thousands of stray and unwanted dogs a second chance. At least 261 of those animals were euthanized instead.

“She rescues them, finds them a home, adopts them out,” said Casey’s brother Curly Phelps.
“She’ll put an ad in – people will come by to view the dogs, bring their children,” said Curly.

It seemed like the perfect fit when animal lover Candi discovered Phelps’ rescue.

“There was a pit bull stray in the neighborhood and we tried to find it a home. She said I’ll take him for a $50 donation – just bring him over,'” said Candi.

Candi chose not to hand her dog over to Phelps, but hundreds of others have over the past four years.

“They’re going to realize the dog they took to her and gave her $50 for was killed in a shelter,” said Candi. “Deceived, tricked, cheated – sad.”

According to e-mails and witness accounts a $50 donation helped Phelps find an unwanted pit bull a new home.

The Phelps claim the dogs turned over were too aggressive to be adopted out. However, circumstances lead others to believe that there is questionable behavior taking place at ‘Southside Bulldoggin.’

Police say that fraud is very hard to prove in a case like this. Animal control has no power to go after them even if they are misleading the public. At this point nothing is being done to shut down the rescue.

If this is a not for profit there should be paperwork to account for the donation money. I am curious to know exactly what is happening with the money. I would also like to know how many dogs they have taken in versus how many have been turned over to the shelter. As well as how many they have adopted out overall.

Go to ‘Southside Bulldoggin‘ to see their response to the news broadcast. The question remains, is this a second chance at life or a death sentence?

Give me a bark, let me know what you think.

Here’s the video. If you can’t see it in your RSS feed, then click here.

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