We’re Celebrating Big Dog Week on Facebook! Also, My Parents Went to London And Bought Our Dog a Crown

Every Friday, Dogster's social media gal, Anna Zeman, rounds up the best of the dogcentric Web (outside the awesomeness found right here on Dogster). In...


Every Friday, Dogster’s social media gal, Anna Zeman, rounds up the best of the dogcentric Web (outside the awesomeness found right here on Dogster). In case you missed it, check out her first column . –Your Friendly Neighborhood Dogster Editors

Hello, furriends! It’s been called to my attention that I just wasnt giving big dogs enough love. I assessed the situation, and its true: I was favoring the littles when updating Dogster’s Facebook page, mainly smoosh-faced ones, but ANYWAY I’ve realized the error of my ways and thus have dedicated this whole week to big dog love.

Sometimes I think Im a little dog person and then, after rolling around on the ground with a massive fur-face I realize, nope, Im a big dog person! Theres so much more to hug and love on! But then I see a tiny little apple dome with huge bug eyes and my head explodes. SO I think Im just a dog dog person.

This is Sheba, aka Beebee, Shabibi, Cow, Cow Cow, Liver Lips I could go on, but I dont want to embarrass her.

She is technically now my parents’ dog since I moved out (although when I come back home she clearly loves me the most, JUST SAYING) and she is spoiled rotten. For example, my parents went to London and brought her this crown, while I got a box of tea. Yeah, whatever, Mom and Dad — she still loves me more. She is actually more of a medium dog, but I wanted to show her off because she is the cutest dog in the world (duh) and I miss her 🙁

Anyway, here are my favorite big dog links from around the Internetz this week:

+ Rufio is da manz:

Rufio is not just a big dog, hes a HUGE dog.

And he is furkin awesome. Like, the coolest dog evah. No, really, please just go look at him.

+ Big Dogs, Huge Paws:

This is a pawesome rescue that rescues, rehomes, and rehabilitates giant breed dogs who have been mistreated, neglected, abused, and/or abandoned. In other words — they rule!

+Weirdest shit youll see all day:

Comedian Margaret Cho and singer Fiona Apple (two of my favorite ladies) got together to sing this song called Hey Big Dog. Its really weird.

SRSLY, watch it with headphones so no one thinks youre a total freak.

+ Composting da doo:

Okay, so I love big dogs, I really do, but heres the thing. If a dogs poop is bigger than mine, I cant deal. I cant pick it up. It grosses me out. So for all those giant breed owners out there, good on you (as they say in New Zealand)! Anndddd you should probably compost that shit (see what I did there?).

+ Big Dog T-shirts:

Do you remember when everyone wore these?

What happened to this brand? Why isnt this cool anymore? (Just to clarify, its officially NOT cool anymore and we cant bring it back, so we’ve got to move on.)

Editor’s Note: The nice folks at BigDogs.com contacted us to tell us that they’re still in the T-shirt business! They have several great programs that support local humane societies and dog-related charities and groups, which is VERY cool.

Anna Zeman is a Social Media Monkey Scientist Strategist at SAY Media (Dogster and Catster’s pawrent company). She is pro-smooshed-faces, pro-kawaii, and anti-animal testing.

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