Celebrate the End of Summer With the Lobster Dogs of Instagram


When it comes to end-of-summer outfits for your favorite dog, dressing as a lobster is clearly the only sensible option. For reasons that have flummoxed zoologists for years, there’s something about the combination of a playful pup and a stately lobster costume that just works. So digging deep into the popular #lobsterdog hashtag on Instagram, here’s a handy guide to mixing canines with crustaceans.

Get the perfect fit

When sausage dog meets lobster dog, everyone’s a winner.

Support lobster-dog love

Just a couple of lobster pooches puckering up and kissing.

Opt for a nice hat

A lobster claw headpiece is the classy way to show your love for the crustaceans.

Or a nice toy

An impromptu hat can be dapper too.

Make sure your pup is happy as a lobster dog

Check out the happiness on this fully lobstered-up pup’s face!

While this Bulldog is certainly not amused at his lobster garb.

Play your part

Although sometimes you can take your lobster dog enthusiasm a little too far.

Find your pup’s true inner lobster dog

Finally, let’s all marvel at this maverick take on the lobster dog phenomenon!

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