Case Against Police Who Murdered Katrina Dogs in St. Bernard Dismissed, You Can Help Bring Them to Justice



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So often we hear about evil against dogs and there’s not much we can do to fight back. Here’s something we can all do to bring these murderers to justice.

Thanks to Regina Frau for barking in this plea for action from the very respected Pasado’s Safe Haven.


URGENT ACTION NEEDED! How YOU can Make a Difference-

According to our sources, James D. “Buddy” Caldwell, the Louisiana State Attorney General (replacing Foti) claims that there was no direct evidence pointing to the fact that no video directly showed a dog being shot. We are outraged. Deputy Sheriff Officer Mike Minton admitted shooting the dogs on the streets of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To top it off, video shot by David Leeson, a Dallas Morning News award-winning photographer showed the officers shooting the dogs – however, and here was the loophole the AG found: the video never showed the shooters AND the dogs in the same shot. Amazing. Simply amazing. The news photographer was a witness to the entire event and despite all of this evidence, the case was dropped.

What you need to do:
The case could still be sent to the U.S. Attorney (Federal Court). You need to express your outrage at what has happened and beg the court to hear this case. Follow this link to comment page.

Write from the heart and we will forward your comments to the U.S. District Court (and forward them to CNN, ABC News, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune – all media sources that covered this story for Pasado’s Safe Haven).

Click here, vent (politely) and help keep this case alive!


Pasado’s Safe Haven was called this week by a man who was an EYEWITNESS to St. Bernard Sheriff’s officers shooting dogs and cats approximately on August 30 and 31. He and his wife remained in their house for 11 days in St. Bernard Parish with no food or water. All of their pets, 2 dogs and 3 cats, eventually perished.

He and his wife heard shots from boats in the floodwaters. He saw the individuals, “wearing St. Bernard Sheriff uniforms” who he claims he can identify in a photo line-up. He and his wife hid from the men, for fear the officers would shoot their animals.

The officers, according to this man, “picked off the dogs and cats who swam to roofs for safety”.

This man saw Susan Michaels’ (Founder, Pasado’s Safe Haven) interview in the Times-Picayune, this week (in reaction to the dismissal of the street shootings case) and called Pasado’s Safe Haven to report what he had witnessed. When asked why it took so long for him to come forward, his reaction was, “Because I just assumed with all the evidence, a conviction would be forthcoming.” He was angry the men “got off without a single charge”.

The man will be interviewed, in Baton Rouge, this week in person.


Pasado’s Safe Haven paid for all the necropsies in the school shootings case and last week, hired a private detective to hunt down two eyewitnesses who would be key to bringing charges forth in the school shootings case.

“We won’t give up,” says Susan Michaels, Founder, Pasado’s Safe Haven. “We committed to seeing these cases through and we’ll do what it takes to make sure those responsible for the cowardly acts – pay.”


Here is a message from David Leeson, a Dallas Morning News award-winning photographer who shot video showing the officers shooting the dogs on St. Bernard St. He did his level best to help these innocent family pets who were “simply looking for some help” after being displaced from the hurricane.

Deep sigh. Unbelievable. Lack of evidence? Another sigh.

I wondered what had happened to this case. It was supposed to go to trial in November but I never got a call from the state. I assumed it was postponed. But I had also heard about the change in the DA and rumors that it could affect the case. And, so it did.

I’m sorry. I wish I could have done more. If I had only followed up that very day by returning to that neighborhood to shoot more, it might have helped. If only my footage of the black dog that I photographed trotting alongside our vehicle as we were leaving had turned out. I thought the tape was rolling but it was not. It was this dog that caused me to stop to let him catch up so we could feed him. I would have missed the shootings entirely if not for my desire to feed this beautiful dog. On my tape not included in the edited version” – I say, “I was going to feed that dog,” and then you hear my colleague say, “And they shot him.” I’ve always wished that tape had been rolling because it would have clearly shown that this was a very friendly animal simply looking for some help.

Thanks for keeping me informed.

David Leeson

Follow this link to read more about this case.

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