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Jim Willis is keeping us up to date on what's happening at the Canine Angels rescue in northeast Georgia. As many of you already know,...

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Canine Angels Update

Jim Willis is keeping us up to date on what’s happening at the Canine Angels rescue in Northeast Georgia. As many of you already know, Jim adopted the 150 endangered dogs a few days ago but that is definitely NOT the end of the story. He and the other Canine Angels supporters are looking for forever homes for these dogs.

The original email that Jim sent me is pretty long so I have posted it on one of my personal blogs so that everyone can read it. Please follow this link to that site to read the complete post and update. I would urge everyone interested in following this developing story to read the entire update at that site. I realize that this post is a bit long but it has some essential information.

This case has serious implications for how rescuers and their canine charges are treated in some areas where puppy mills and Pit Bull fighting groups thrive. I know I’m keeping a close eye on how the state of Georgia handles it and the local officials.

Cross-posting and other distribution, especially to the media, will be much appreciated.

Dear Fellow Animal-lovers,

You may have read or heard that on May 30, I adopted the 154 dogs formerly owned by Canine Angels (CA) in Dewy Rose, GA, the animal rescue and shelter that is under assault by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture which has ordered them to be shut down effective June 3 and any dog not already transferred by then to be confiscated by the DOA. They have extended that confiscation to June 7…

As the local news has been reporting, my ownership of the dogs has thrown a speed bump in the path of the DOA and they have reacted by increasing the level of harassment and vindictiveness against the co-founders of Canine Angels and their volunteers and supporters. Pure and simple, they have been upsetting my dogs and their very presence there has impeded the adoption of some dogs. The first priority of the good folks at Canine Angels is animal care and placing animals, and the constant harassment by the State and the very necessary presence of the media means they are literally going without sleep in order to care for the animals, and one of the co-founders, Sue Wells, suffers from multiple sclerosis…

Even though DOA officials have repeatedly told the media that they planned on no-kills solutions for the former dogs of Canine Angels, and that they had contacted 70 rescue groups/shelters in GA to assist with that, they have refused to provide us with the list of those agencies (because we still need the help of every no-kill group that can help!), and on Friday they showed up with a van from one animal facility – a kill shelter! The van was turned away…

We have given and are giving sworn affidavits, eye-witness accounts, video tapes, audio recordings, and photographs to the media and to some officials and candidates for public office, both related directly to the CA situation, to the animal control situation and actors in Elbert County, and about the actions of some State employees. If laws are upheld and if those charged with the public trust act responsibly, we believe there should be dismissals of some employees and perhaps some charges of animal cruelty and neglect.


Were asking everybody, starting Monday, June 5, to call Gov. Perdue’s office 404-656-1776 Dept. of Ag. Commissioner Tommy Irvin at 404-656-3600 or 800-282-5852, the Animal Protection Division at 404-656-4914, and the Elbert County Commissioners at 706-283-2000 and tell them to leave my dogs alone and my dogs’ friends alone. We also want a complete review of the situation, we want Canine Angels’ license reinstated and we want the $15,000 in fines (so far) dropped against Sue Wells & Lynette Rowe.
And please sign the on-line petition [see above].

Here’s what we need, and we will try to put updates and more alternate contact info on the Canine Angels website. There have been offers of help, calls from potential adopters, and the CA folks and volunteers are trying to keep up with that. We all apologize if anyone did not get a call back yet. Their phones have been ringing off the hook, they have media to talk to, our attorneys to talk to, of course all the animals to care for. I myself am receiving several thousand e-mail messages per day and have my own responsibilities to take care of. Both of the CA computers have died and my requests that someone donate a laptop computer to them have so far not been responded to.

For now, any legitimate no-kill groups who can help a quantity of dogs, if you can’t get through to Canine Angels people, you may e-mail me and I’ll have someone get in touch with you: (I appreciate all the individual messages of support but can rarely reply to them). Other Friends of Canine Angels will work with adopters of individual animals.

We are building a coalition of attorneys. If you are an attorney licensed in GA who has experience in these matters and would like to offer your services, you may contact me and I will have one of our attorneys get in touch with you.

Anyone wishing to make a donation for the dogs’ care and the related costs, there is a PayPal link on the Canine Angels website. Not a single dollar of that money comes to me and it will all be used for the dogs and those expenditures will be monitored by the attorneys. Canine Angels is a registered 501(c)(3).

Any local person who can volunteer to do anything – cleaning, grooming, feeding, watering, grass mowing, talking to prospective adopters, running errands, so that we can free up Sue & Lynette to talk to the media and our legal counsel and get a few hours of sleep, all help will be appreciated.

Thank you all for your prayers, your support, for loving animals, and for your help in saving my dogs. Once again, it is my privilege to watch love in action.

Jim Willis

For more information contact:
Sue Wells and Lynette Rowe
2179 Pulliam Mill Rd
Dewy Rose, GA, 30634


Visit Canine Angel’s website

See the animals available for adoption whose lives have been threatened by the State’s action.

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