What’s the Calmest Breed on Dogster?

Are you ready to find out? We've collected data from all of our dog members and it turns out that the calmest breed of dog...


Are you ready to find out?

We’ve collected data from all of our dog members and it turns out that the calmest breed of dog on Dogster is the Newfoundland!

1. Newfoundland (Score = 7.30 out of 10)
2. Black Russian Terrier (Score = 7.29 out of 10)
3. Mi ki (Score = 7.21 out of 10)
4. Scottish Deerhound (Score = 7.20 out of 10)
5. Mastiff (Score = 7.18 out of 10)
6. Great Pyrenees (Score = 7.16 out of 10)
7. Dogue de Bordeaux (Score = 7.15 out of 10)
8. Caucasian Ovcharka (Score = 7.11 out of 10)
9. Bouvier des Flandres (Score = 7.07 out of 10)
10. Biewer Yorkie (Score = 7.05 out of 10)

From the Newfoundland breed page:

These true gentle giants combine the brawn of a Great Pyrenees with the sweet and laid-back personality of a Labrador. Patient, loving and fun, Newfoundlands blend perfectly with the household. They get along famously with the most vivacious and active children, and they are very polite around new people.

Is the Newfoundland really the calmest dog out there? Well, this finding is based on the “disposition” information that you provide when you set up your dog’s profile and let us know about some of the characteristics of your pooch. So that means that we have a LOT of breed-specific information from the people who know about dogs best: YOU.

We also have data that shows how you rate your dog when it comes to intelligence, energy, playfulness and friendliness, so we’ll be bringing out some of those stats in the future as well!

Have a Newfoundland and want to boast? OR – what do YOU think is the calmest dog breed? Let us know in the comments!

Calm and chilled out woofs,

The Dogster HQ number crunchers

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