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Have you ever wanted to really understand what you're pet was barking about? Oh yeah, I know there's the "person at door" bark and the...


Understand What Your Dog Is Saying

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Have you ever wanted to really understand what you’re pet was barking about? Oh yeah, I know there’s the “person at door” bark and the “garbage people are stealing our good stuff/garbage in the alley” bark. But surely you, like me, have had those times you ask yourself, what the heck did THAT mean?

If so, Kat Berard and her Katalyst for Animal Wholeness, Inc. may be able to help you, Kat teaches a two-day basic animal communication class. She has several sessions coming up — Oakland, California and two in New Zealand. Here’s the information.

Basic Animal Communication: Two-Day Workshop

East Oakland, California: October 28-29 (deposit due by September 15) HOSTED BY WEIMARANER RESCUE OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

New Zealand: November 4-5, November 11-12 (deposit due by September 15)

Our pets (and other animals) know how to communicate with us. Have you ever wished you could understand what your pet was thinking? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to communicate with animals? Do you want to deepen the bond with your animal friend, and foster greater understanding and harmony in your relationship? Would you like to learn their lifes purpose, and how they view their world? Would you like to connect with an animal who has crossed over, to ask questions and exchange messages? Are you interested in learning what your animal friends, alive or in spirit, want to tell you, teach you, ask you, experience with you?

What You Can Expect

This two day workshop is designed to help you learn to communicate with your pets and other animals on the emotional, mental, and telepathic level. This workshop brings enlightenment and knowledge on How animals communicate; What animals think and feel; The spiritual essence of animals; Telepathic abilities: seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling (physical and emotional), etc.; Understanding and affirming your innate communication abilities; Centeredness and opening to receive; and more. Also covered are techniques for clearing the mind and focusing the heart, and for addressing blocks to clear communication. You will be working with students animals photos and live animals (provided by host or myself) in class exercises. You’ll learn how to open your heart and mind to receiving the animals’ messages, however they may come to you (i.e., opening to intuitive impressions and telepathic abilities).

What You Will Achieve

Youll come away from this workshop with the tools, know-how and ability to communicate with your own and others animal friends and wildlife. Youll experience the joy, fun and awe of interacting with animals at a whole new level! And youll realize and experience that telepathic communication is a natural ability, its not something only the gifted few” can do.

Sounds like fun! If any Dogsters have had the pleasure of taking this class, please bark in and tell us about it!

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