California Hunting Dog Shoots Owner in the Back

Hunting accidents happen. Just ask Dick Cheney. But when a dog "pulls the trigger," it's worthy of a headline or two. I love the way...


Hunting accidents happen. Just ask Dick Cheney. But when a dog “pulls the trigger,” it’s worthy of a headline or two.

I love the way the Fresno Bee article about the incident starts: “A hunter trying to retrieve duck decoys got a surprise when he was accidentally shot by his own dog.”

The understatement is sublime. Yes, that would be a surprise!

The trigger-happy dog is a Labrador retriever, whose name has not been given to the press. Sheriffs told the Bee that she stepped on her owner’s loaded shotgun, which caused the safety to disengage and the weapon to fire.

No. 2 shot from the gun hit the 53-year-old “victim” in the upper back. He was treated at a local hospital and released.

DogWithGun-260x300This Lab joins the ranks of other dogs who have taken the rap for shooting their people in recent months. We’re beginning to wonder if there’s some kind of canine conspiracy in the works.

First there was the woman in Florida who said her dog shot her husband. This feat was supposed to have been accomplished by the dog knocking down a gun that went off and killed her husband.

Then there was the California man who claims his dog tripped him while he had a semiautomatic weapon in his hand. The gun went off, and his wife went down.

Thankfully, the hunting Lab’s person will be fine. But we wonder: Was this really an accident? Or was this dog holding a grudge regarding a lack of hamburgers in her diet, or a new cat in the household? She’s not talking, so we’ll probably never know.

Top Photo: George Wilhelm/Los Angeles Times

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