CafePress Items Come From China Too

Just when you thought it might be safe to go back online to shop... Its Their Destiny, a hardworking animal protection group fighting the despicable...

Just when you thought it might be safe to go back online to shop…

Its Their Destiny, a hardworking animal protection group fighting the despicable practice of dog-eating around the world, revealed that CafePress, the web site many of animal organizations use to sell items actually buys many of its products from China.

Many organizations have advocated a boycott of China until their policies towards dogs improve. I’ve advocated avoiding Chinese products, especially food supplies and toys. The problem is that CafePress provides an excellent way to sell things like T-shirts directly to supporters and fans around the world easily and quickly. In full disclosure, my own CafePress site sells T-shirts and other items with the Haint design. CafePress does offer a few items that are US-made but many are imported.

So either Cafepress needs to offer many more items from non-Chinese sources or some enterprising individual needs to set up a website offering similar services and products from non-Chinese sources. Anyone up for the challenge?

Chinese crap and

With the plague of Chinese (NOT Taiwanese) goods that fill the shelves of most of our shops in the West, it is increasingly difficult for those of us who have chosen to boycott products from the Red Empire in protest at their appalling treatment of animals and lack of any laws to offer them even the most rudimentary of protection. It is particularly galling for many of us when animal welfare or animal rights groups sell Chinese products to raise funds, perhaps sometimes unwittingly, yet this is what many of them are doing. is one of several companies that offers a partnership with anyone who wants to sell its range of promotional clothing online – you create the designs, logo, slogans etc, and sell for a commission t-shirts and similar goods through a virtual “shop” created by Cafepress. Many animal groups use this as an extra way of generating funds. Unfortunately, what neither they nor Cafepress tell you is that many (if not nearly all) of the items for sale originate in China. Even PETA use this service, which is a little ironic considering that the last we heard, they also were advocating a boycott of China.

We have heard some justify their partnerships with on the grounds that they are “using fire to fight fire”, selling cheap Chinese products to help fund animal rights. If they really believe that argument, then fine. We just believe that you have the right to know if you are being sold Chinese crap when you thought you were helping to fund animal protection.

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