Burn Victim Chloe Adopts Buddy, a Dog Just Like Her


Dog lovers know the restorative and healing powers of four-legged friends. And how incredible is it when we humans can return the favor for our pups?

When Fireman the Chihuahua suffered burns and was in need of a home, it became immediately clear what kind of family would be a good fit. Fourteen-year-old Chloe Levenson-Cupp had herself been a burn victim and was very eager to welcome a new dog into her home. As luck would have it, California-based shelter Umbrella of Hope Rescue made the connection and helped Fireman – who also goes by “Buddy” – find his way into the heart of Chloe’s family, as seen in this two-minute video.

A raven-haired, bright-eyed teenager, Chloe was just a small child when she was burned. In fact, she was given medication so she wouldn’t remember the traumatic experience. And although she and Fireman thankfully don’t have much in the way of visible scars, they’re able to connect on a deeper level because of their shared history.

Fireman’s original foster mom, Kristy Keusch, says that KTVU News also helped connect the sweet Chihuahua and his new adoptive family. It seems there were many forces in the San Francisco Bay area helping to bring these two together.

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