Bubbles the Elephant and Bela the Dog Have a Beautiful Friendship

The pair live and play at Myrtle Beach Safari, delighting visitors.


You know how when you go outside and half-heartedly throw a ball to your dog a few times while reading TMZ on your smartphone?

Yeah, that wouldn’t work with Bela. Bela has an elephant to play with, and the elephant loves playing with Bela. Take a look:

The elephant’s name is Bubbles, because of course it is, and they regularly play together in the water at their home at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, because playing in water is fantastic.

“They just love to romp around together,” says Bhagavan Antle, director of the wildlife park in California, according to the Daily Mail.

Bubbles came to the park in 1983 after she was rescued in Africa, an orphan whose parents had been killed for their tusks. She was a baby, just 340 pounds. Bubbles is now more than nine feet tall and weighs more than four tons. She is 32 years old.

Bela came to the park in 2007, when a contractor hired to build a swimming pool for Bubbles abandoned the dog at the park’s preserve, according to the Huffington Post. Antle says the meeting between the two was “love at first sight.”

Via the Daily Mail

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