British Star John Torchwood Living with Mature Blonde (Cocker Spaniel)

Thanks to the ever popular and helpful K-9 Magazine blog for this reminder that older is beautiful too! Torchwood Star John Barrowman Now Living With...

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Thanks to the ever popular and helpful K-9 Magazine blog for this reminder that older is beautiful too!

Torchwood Star John Barrowman Now Living With ‘Mature Blonde’

Dogs Trust, the UK ‘s largest dog welfare charity and owner of the famous slogan A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas, has launched an appeal to the public to remember vulnerable older dogs this Christmas.

While on a recent visit to Dogs Trust West London, the actor John Barrowman fell in love with Teagan, a twelve year old Cocker Spaniel. John couldn’t resist the lovable golden oldie and he is now part of his happy family.

Research has shown that it is not just puppies who are abandoned during what staff have dubbed the “silly season”. While the charity continues its campaign to discourage people from buying puppies as gifts, figures collated from the charity’s 17 Rehoming Centres show that older dogs, those aged eight and above, are at risk of being dumped to make way for new puppies, often themselves bought as presents and subsequently abandoned.

The run-up to Christmas and the period afterwards is one of the busiest times for the charity as the number of dogs handed in, or found as strays massively increases. In some cases, the number of old dogs handed in to the charity doubled over the festive season, and between 2002-2005 over 1,000 old dogs were abandoned over Christmas.

Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin , says:

“In our society, it is often the very old who are the most vulnerable over the festive season. It is the same with dogs. Sadly, in the run up to Christmas and in the New Year, the proportion of old dogs we take in to our care significantly rises compared to other times of year.

While we cannot forget the message of not buying puppies as presents, which sadly still goes on, it is also important not to neglect our old aged dogs too, who are at greater risk of being abandoned at this time of year. We beg people to consider the commitment needed to care for your pet for its whole life.”

The charity urges people to please consider the following:

Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. The average dog lives for 13 years.

Dogs aren’t cheap to care for. You should expect to spend around 8,000 over his lifetime.

Puppies can be extremely hard work for an owner, particularly if there are young children in the house do you have enough time to spend with your pup?

Dogs don’t come fully trained. They can cause a lot of damage to your possessions through chewing and accidents. How committed are you to training your dog?

Christmas can be a very hectic time of year. This isn’t the best time to introduce your new dog to the house.

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