British “Performance Artist” Eating Dead Corgi on Live Radio

This is soooo wrong on soooo many levels I can't begin to list them. Seriously, I think I understand the oddly shaped rationale behind this...
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This is soooo wrong on soooo many levels I can’t begin to list them.

Seriously, I think I understand the oddly shaped rationale behind this protest but isn’t it just morbid? I’m as much against shooting foxes as the next person but I thought we were also discouraging the eating of dogs. DOesn’t this guy know that’s a major problem in some parts of the world? In fact, his “protest” could be seen by some as a sick validation of the very forms of canine as cuisine many of us have campaigned against.

But hey, this could be Michael Vick’s new artistic idol.

Thanks to K9 Magazine for this article.

Publicity Hungry ‘Artist’ Threatens to Eat Corgi in Protest at Queen

An ‘artist’ who has previously courted controversy by eating a swan in a ‘performance art show’ is to eat a Corgi on live radio.

Mark McGowan says he intends to eat the dog in protest at Prince Philip for shooting a fox earlier in the year.

McGowan suggests this stunt is a legitimate protest against the Royal family’s treatment of animals which is why he has selected to consume the Queen’s favourite dog breed.

He said: Im raising awareness at the inability of the RSPCA to prosecute Prince Philip and his friends for shooting a fox this year. It was left to fight for life for five minutes then beaten to death.

The dog he intends to eat died at a breeding farm and McGowan will eat the animal on a London radio show, May 29th.

RSPCA officials have refused to criticise McGowan for eating the dog and have explained that they investigated the fox shooting incident involving Prince Philip, saying: If the dogs dead hes free to eat it.

K9 Magazine editor in chief Ryan O’Meara condemned the stunt: “This is neither artistic nor a reasonable form of protest. Eating a dog denies the animal any dignity and this appears to be nothing more that a self serving publicity stunt which tarnishes the name of legitimate animal welfare campaigners.”

I’m with you Ryan!

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