British Dog Survives 45 Foot Fall Down Mine Shaft

Thanks to the BBC for this good news! Dog 'unscathed' after 45ft fall A dog has been rescued unhurt after falling 45ft (13m) down a...


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Thanks to the BBC for this good news!

Dog ‘unscathed’ after 45ft fall

A dog has been rescued unhurt after falling 45ft (13m) down a disused mine shaft on the Lleyn in Gwynedd.

Obi was out with a shooting party on Rhiw mountain on Saturday when he suddenly disappeared from view a few feet in front of his owner.

John Hughes rushed forward to find Obi had crashed through undergrowth covering the entrance to the mineshaft.

Coastguards using climbing equipment lifted Obi out, and although initially shocked he has now fully recovered.

“Obi was running through the undergrowth, doing what he does, when he suddenly disappeared about three to four feet in front of me,” said Mr Hughes.

“I know about the area and thought I knew where the shafts were but I had no idea this one was there.

It was down a very slippery slope and he was quite happy to see the man who was winched down to get him out

Coastguard spokesman

“We had no idea how deep it was and when we looked down Obi wasn’t moving until someone got a torch and he lifted his head.

“We thought of getting a rope but it was just too dangerous, so we called the coastguard who came really quickly with all the gear.”

A member of the coastguard was lowered to reach the dog.

Mr Hughes said: “I expected him to have broken legs at least, but a friend who is a paramedic took a look at him and everything seemed ok.”

The 20 month-old-dog has been with Mr Hughes, wife Mary and their children Sion, 12, and Elen 10 since he was five months old.

He had been named after the popular Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi before the family bought him.

The fall has had an unexpected benefit for Obi.

He had previously been relegated to the kitchen and utility room but he is now allowed into the living room of the Hughes’ home at Sarn near Aberdaron.

“He’s had a promotion because we all felt we’d had our Christmas present early when we discovered he was OK,” added Mr Hughes.

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