British Dog “Mam” Shares Friendship Through Dogster

People often ask me if the "virtual" friendships made on Dogster are as meaningful as the ones we make in the "real" world. I tell...


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People often ask me if the “virtual” friendships made on Dogster are as meaningful as the ones we make in the “real” world. I tell them yes. The friendships and connections we make on Dogster are based on our mutual love of dogs and what dogs stand for in our lives. That gives us a basis for trust and friendship that most of us don’t see in our adult lives where most of our contacts are limited to the office or short-term daily interactions. Dogsters know that the other humans on the site are just as “crazy” about their furbabies as they are and they can relax and be themselves. I don’t know of a better way to build a relationship.

Thanks to Stephanie for sharing her Dogster story! As you’ll read, Stephanie has made some very real friends here on Dogster.

I’d like to tell you about a friendship I have from the Dogster site and the generosity this virtual stranger showed me, which I have emailed you in the past to enquire about.

The Machound brothers sent us paw mail to congratulate my dog Henry on being Dog of the Day, that’s how the friendship started. They awarded Henry a rosette, and when we mailed them back to thank them, my Basset and the 2 Machound brother Bassets started talking everyday.

Shortly after this, I was absolutely astounded to find they had bought us a subscription to Dogster Plus !! I couldn’t believe people could extend such kindness to virtual strangers. It made my day to think they thought as much of us as we thought of them.

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Our 2 families have so much in common, and whilst I can’t speak for them, I will say that having their friendship has helped me so much. I suffer with midly with agoraphobia, and apart from forcing myself to walk my 2 dogs each day, I don’t leave the house. Hence, I don’t have any friends.

I look forward to receiving their dog mail everyday as it feels like our dogs are sitting talking to each other.

I can’t express strongly enough how their kindness touched my heart, how just having them as friends has helped me in myself.

And all this through a doggy community. Who would have thought it possible??!!

I’d love one day to meet the Machound brothers, Stanley and Oliver, and their humans, as we all live in the UK and they’re only about 3 hours drive away from us.

Thanks Dogster. You really have changed my life.

But I’ve already mailed you before to express my thanks and gratitude, and to ask questions, I always get a reply no matter how trivial my mail is to you.

Many thanks again,
Stephanie Tuck

Mam to Henry Basset and Rocky Jack Russell

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