We Review Bret Michaels’ Pets Rock Collection

My Boston Terrier, Ace, inspects the 1980s-inspired PetSmart toys, clothing, and accessories.


The iconic and sometimes horrifying fashion of the 1980s is back in style. As I travel about San Francisco, I marvel at the resurrection of florescent hues and leggings. I was a child in the 1980s, so I view ’80s-inspired design with a mix of bemusement and indulgent delight.

Born in 2011, Ace never got a chance to experience the majesty of the ’80s. I had the chance to introduce her by way of Petsmart’s The Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection (not to be confused with a Pet Rock — come on, people, that was the ’70s). The Poison front man and recent reality TV star is a lifelong dog lover and owner of German Shepherds. While the Pets Rock line has been rocking out since 2012, recently it expanded to include neon-themed toys and accessories.

Ace and I reviewed multiple Pets Rock items, including a host of neon-themed dog toys.

Clothing and accessories

Dressing Ace is a guilty pleasure because even though she’s a small dog, she’s not really into it. Therefore, the first Pets Rock products I wanted to review were the clothing! Ace modeled the Guitars Dress ($9.47) and the Jean Vest ($5.47). She is 15 pounds but wears a size large due to her strapping bully chest –- be sure to check out the sizing chart carefully before ordering.

I am totally delighted by these outfits given the incredibly low prices. The fabric and detailing are good quality and completely adorable. Velcro closures at the dress’s neck and across the front of the vest made the outfits easy to put on a squirming Ace.

We also tried the Rolled Leather Lead in brown ($14.97). I was curious about the quality of the leash’s leather. It’s a bit stiff right out of the box. I like the 4-foot length, and the handle seems strong.

Ace lapped up the Melamine Roses Bowl ($8.99), one in a trio of bowls. They are dishwasher safe and have a rubber nonskid bottom. Again, I thought the quality of the bowl was excellent, and it survived the dishwasher with every thorn intact. The bowl is smaller than I anticipated and would be suitable for small dogs only.

I think the most unique aspect of the Pets Rock collection is the clothing, because who doesn’t like a dog dressed in flaming skulls? The neon-inspired clothes look even cooler.


Ace was in ’80s dog heaven while we were testing samples from the Pets Rock toy collection, which included squeaky stuffies and surprisingly rugged rope tugs –- especially the Neon Ball on Rope, which is a seriously durable tug for $8.99.

Ace’s favorite toy by far was the Plush Ball with Spikes ($4.99). The body is fuzzy but the spikes are made from nylon, so it has held up well during several games of fetch.

Another favorite is the Vinyl Boot ($4.79). I like it because it’s a wee (six-inch) cowboy boot, and Ace likes it because it has the shrillest squeaker ever installed in a toy.

The Rubber Spiked Ring ($7.99) was a fun alternative to playing tug with a rope toy or fetch with a ball. I was concerned about Ace gnawing off the little spikes, so like most toys I am keeping this one out of reach unless we are playing together.

The Tennis Ball with Spike Rubber Ball ($9.59) is a fun twist on the ubiquitous rope tug because it includes two balls with different textures. The tennis ball is printed with skulls, because it is SO TOUGH. This tug is somewhat less durable than the one mentioned earlier and would probably be appropriate for small to medium size dogs.

The award for cutest toy goes to the Tennis Ball Body Animal Dog Toys ($6.99), which combine a durable tennis ball with a sweet and furry stuffie. I’m not too excited about the hair, which I worry an overzealous Ace might swallow, so again I supervise her while she plays. I love the Crinkle Guitar ($4.99), but it’s teeny-weenie and more appropriate for the littlest rockers than for Ace. As with the clothing and accessories, I found the toys to be a good value for the cost, unique, and, most important, really fun for Ace.

Dogster Scorecard for the Bret Michaels Pets Rock Collection

  • Quality: For the price, I was pleasantly surprised, particularly by the awesome details in the clothing.
  • Style: Totally tubular: skulls, flames, leather, and neon have never looked better than they do on your dog.
  • Function: Clothing runs small, so take a chill pill and double-check the size chart. Some toys have the potential to shed small parts during play -– be smart and supervise your dog (no duh).
  • Creativity: Who knew that sharing the ’80s with your dog could be so much fun? Like totally!
  • Value: The Pets Rock Collection is particularly rad given the affordable prices.

Bottom line

Instead of teasing out your permed, bleached hair or dusting off your parachute pants, bring a touch of ’80s whimsy to your dog with toys, accessories, and clothing from the Pets Rock Collection.

Dogster readers, tell us about toys you love for their fun style or unique appeal in the comments. What else should we review in this column? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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