Born Blind

Honestly, I don't know much about blind dogs. I've read that if a dog loses their site it's a much easier transition than for a...

Honestly, I don’t know much about blind dogs. I’ve read that if a dog loses their site it’s a much easier transition than for a human, due to the fact dogs are guided by their sense of smell.

For anyone trying to raise a dog that was born blind there is a website out there you may be interested in. It’s about a Chihuahua named Samson, who was born without eyes. When his family decided to adopt him they did a lot of research on blind dogs, however they found most of the sites dealt only with dogs who had lost their site.

Samson’s family decided to start a blog to document his life, and in doing so, hopefully help others dealing with the same issues. It is a place to go for encouragement, information, and to share experiences with other blind dog owners.

Difference Between Pity and Compassion

Pity: is feeling “sorry”. In the dictionary I found pity has two meanings.

1. Sympathy and sorrow aroused by the misfortune or suffering of another.

2. A matter of regret

Compassion: is feeling “love”. The dictionary defined compassion as follows:

Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

I’m learning that pity cripples the one we are trying to help, whereas compassion empowers them to overcome their trials.

When I look at Samson, I realize that pity will raise a very codependent, handicap dog; yet, compassion will raise a confident, courageous dog.

He never gives up, why should I?

He never complains, why should I complain in his place?

He does not know he is blind, why should I tell him?

To follow along with Samson stop by his site, Lessons From A Blind Dog.

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