Bonehead Surrenders His Dog Because She Likes to Be by His Side


Last Friday, at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, a shelter worker was pretty much left speechless because a bonehead had walked in and done something completely and utterly boneheaded.

It happened at the counter, just inside the front door, where the bonehead brought his dog, whom he was surrendering. When asked why he was giving up the dog, a nice-looking white-and-black Blue Heeler /Irish Setter named Jubilee, he said: “She always wants to be by my side.”

She always wants to be by my side!

And with that, the bonehead, with “barely a hint of concern or remorse,” according to, unhooked the leash and walked out the door.

Poor Jubilee. (Photo courtesy Montgomery County Animal Shelter)

Before he did so, however, the worker had told the man that the Montgomery County Animal Shelter had no mandatory hold time, explaining that the dog could be euthanized at any time if the shelter needed the space.

The bonehead was unfazed. His dog, after all, always wanted to be by his side, and had to go immediately, we guess. Such is the fate of dogs who always want to be by their owners’ sides — if their owners are boneheads, of course.

This story ends well, however. While Jubilee was terrified of being left alone at the shelter, she was not long for it. On Saturday, as word spread about this dog who just wanted to be by someone’s side, people showed up at the shelter to adopt the dog. Jubilee soon found herself by the side of a person who doesn’t mind a dog who wants to be by her side, this woman here:

Look at that face! Photo via Montgomery County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page.

The Facebook post from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter happily announced: “Little Jubilee’s eyes and attention were all on her new owner as she left the building Saturday. Congrats to her new family ~ Happy Trails Jubilee!!”

And as a nice postscript, the other two parties who also showed up to adopt Jubilee ended up taking home two other shelter dogs.


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