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Bonehead Asks Facebook Friends to Come Over and Shoot Her Dog

She didn't want her Saint Bernard mix anymore, so she posted a message asking if anyone "had the heart" to shoot Cinnamon. Huh?

dogedit  |  Sep 24th 2015

Giving up a dog is one of the hardest things a caring, responsible pet parent can do. A woman making waves in Troupe, Texas, is not a caring, responsible pet parent. She’s a bonehead. When her dog wasn’t perfectly behaved — 3-year-old Saint Bernard mix Cinnamon kept getting into the garbage — she turned to her friends on Facebook, asking if anyone would come on over and shoot her dog.

Yep, that’s what she wrote: “I need someone to come shoot my dog.” She followed that up with, “No one here has the heart to do it. We will provide the gun.”

Here’s the message, according to KHOU:


This is what goes through the heads of boneheads. You want to get rid of your dog, and your first thought is: gun. When nobody in your family “has the heart” to pull the trigger on the family dog, you think: Facebook — I wonder if somebody on Facebook will come over and kill my dog?


Fortunately, the grand schemes of boneheads don’t always work out because they’re idiots. As soon as the woman posted the query, the comments and sharing started. The outrage began. And it wasn’t long before animal control officers showed up at her door, asking her to hand over the dog.


She did, and Cinnamon was soon on her way to a foster family, where she’s getting prepped for adoption. She was also spayed and got her shots updated, and the vet said she’s healthy.

Shelter coordinator Nanette Moss couldn’t believe someone could be so heartless. “It’s devastating,” she said. “I work with these dogs every day. They are my life, and when she walked through my, door it just broke my heart. She’s a sweet dog; how can somebody shoot a sweet dog?”


KHOU says that while posting the message was “a criminal act,” the woman wasn’t charged because she agreed to give up the dog.


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