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Bob the Golden Retriever Lives With Eight Birds and One Hamster

Thanks to an Instagram page filled with photos of the two-year-old pup posing with his flying (and burrowing) friends, he has close to a quarter of a million followers!

Phillip Mlynar  |  Oct 13th 2015

Bob is a Golden Retriever who has become a real-deal social media sensation with a little help from his friends. After photos of the two-year-old canine posing with his flock of birds and a hamster hit Instagram, his profile rocketed and now sits just shy of a quarter of a million followers. That’s understandable, as who doesn’t enjoy perusing pics of a mild-mannered dog sitting there with a bunch of cockatiels perched on his paws or head?

As Bob’s stock continues to rise, here’s a peek into his life.

Family ties

Bob is a fine upstanding family man. His brood is made up of a hamster and, most wonderfully, a number of birds whose presence he seems to heartily enjoy. Communal nap sessions are a must.

One more!

Oh, did I forget to mention that recently it seems that Bob’s crew has expanded to include a pup named Marley? (I am guessing that reggae music is the soundtrack of the day in Bob’s house.) Here a pic of his protégé learning to be all dignified and fancy in the sink.

Crew love

The steely look on Bob’s face lets you know that he’s very protective of his cross-species kinfolk — that or he’s about to yell at the two birdies who are not present and correct for roll call.

It’s your birthday

Bob celebrated his second birthday back in September. He received quite the bounty of presents — but as you can see, a couple of his flying friends decided to swoop down and get in on the excitement!

A snappy dresser

Olá !! Quero agradecer a todos pelas mensagens do meu aniversário! Muito Obrigado!!! ?? E Quem quiser comemorar com a gente, nossa festa será domingo 20/09 , uma festa bem legal onde os aumigos poderão ficar soltos para brincar a vontade! Estou ansioso pois estou sabendo que terá uma grande surpresa pra mim ??? Então vamos todos lá se divertir e saber o que estão preparando, convites em (Aniversário do Bob) ???? ?? Hi Followers! I'd like to thank you for the Birthday messages!! Thank you very much!! My party Will be next Sunday and i heard they are preparing a Big surprise to me! ??? i'm very curious now! ? #Bob #aumigosdobob #aniversariodobob #goldenretriever #goldenretrieversp #goldensofinstagram #goldenretrieverbrasil #goldenretrieverworld #dogsofinstagram #petstagram #instapet #instapetbrasil #instagood

A photo posted by Bob & Marley (@bob_marley_goldenretriever) on

When out and about on the scene, Bob knows that it’s always important to accessorize correctly and look your best.

Dress for the occasion

Likewise, Bob is a stickler for full-on formal attire when it comes to a fancy dinner date. Not sure what he thinks about his birdie pals’ faux-hawk hairdos though.

Show your true colors

"Have you seen these incredible socks?!" @bakdrop

A photo posted by Bob & Marley (@bob_marley_goldenretriever) on

Yes, if you are totally smitten with Bob and his menagerie, then you can salute their endeavors by sporting these special socks.

Our house

Remember that lone hamster I was talking about earlier? Well, here it is, all snug in its little house and guarded by its protective Golden Retriever guardian.

Classic Bob

Let’s end with a classic picture that captures the essence of Bob: Patient, friendly, stoical almost, with a yellow cockatiel perched on his head.

Need more of Bob and his family in your daily feed? Check out the Bob & Marley official Instagram page!

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