A Blind Dog and His Seeing-Eye Friend Capture the Hearts of the World


We write a lot about how service dogs are trained to work with and for humans, but sometimes dogs just take that role on for themselves. The case of Buzz and Glenn, two strays who were found abandoned in Hartlepool, a town in northeast England, is a beautiful example of what that looks like. The two dogs were found living together in a sea tunnel by Stray Aid, a local rescue organization. Both are about 10 years old and have a very special connection. Glenn, a Jack Russell Terrier, is almost completely blind. His friend Buzz, a Staffordshire Terrier, acts as his eyes. No one knows how long the two have been together, but it’s obvious that they’re now inseparable.

"Good Morning Britain" correspondent Katy Rickitt with Glenn and Buzz
“Good Morning Britain” correspondent Katy Rickitt with Glenn and Buzz.

“They instantly had a bond when they came in, so we kept them together,” Stray Aid volunteer Hannah Critchlow told ABC News. “Whenever they’re separated, they start crying and barking for each other. They have to stay together.” If Stray Aid has anything to say about it, they will. The organization is looking for a home that will take the two of them together.

Buzz and Glenn safely asleep at Stray Aid.
Buzz and Glenn sleep safely at Stray Aid.

Fortunately, it looks like that might not be as hard as it would be in other circumstances. Older and disabled dogs usually linger for months, even years, in shelters. However, the story of Glenn and Buzz’s special relationship has hit the media in a big way. They’ve been featured on Good Morning Britain and Good Morning America, and been written up all over the Internet, including stories on Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, and Mashable. “Some dogs are here months and months and not one person looks at them or has interest, so there’s an unusual amount of interest in them,” Critchlow told ABC. “Everyone is in love with them, and they’re both just so friendly, lovable, and very chill.”

Image from Stray Aid Facebook.
Image from Stray Aid on Facebook.

Stray Aid says that they think that the two were abandoned by their previous family either because of their age, Glenn’s disability, or a combination. Here’s hoping that the two of them find a warm, loving forever home soon. No matter what happens, though, they’ve already shown that they can survive incredible things as long as they have each other.

Via Good Morning America and The Telegraph

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