Better Buddies Yoga Pet Food Mats: Upcycled Awesomeness

A Los Angeles company goes to the mat for shelter animals with its fab, functional, upcycled pet food mats.

Julia Szabo  |  Jun 19th 2012

Meditate on this: Where do yoga mats go to die? Better Buddies Inc. has an answer. The eco-conscious company, based in Los Angeles, is doing its part for the planet with up-cycled “yoga pet food mats” — placemats for your dog or cat’s bowl.

Discarded yoga mats are submitted to a sanitation process and then cut into pet food mats: “Bone Appetit” for canines and “Meow Mat” for felines. Nonconformist style hounds will appreciate that no two mats are alike in color or texture. Eco-conscious yogis on two legs love that the mats can go into the dishwasher for quick cleanup; their four-footed friends, meanwhile, love the mats’ slide-resistant quality — it’s so much easier to eat your grub when it isn’t traveling across the floor.

Better Buddies goes to the mat for shelter animals, donating 10 percent of profits from product sales to Best Friends Animal Society, aiming to help “shift society’s focus to adoption as the best way to bring home a pet.” Amen to that.