Basset Hound Puppies, Anyone? It’s Time for a Cuteness Break!

We present enough Basset Hound puppy pictures to make your head spin. Enjoy!

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Herodotus relates the tale of a certain foolhardy king who told one of his subjects that “men trust their ears less than their eyes.” When it comes to Basset Hound puppies, this is completely true. I have a shocking confession to make (feel free to chastise me in the comments), but I haven’t spent nearly enough time thinking about Basset Hound puppies. People have been telling me about Basset Hound puppies for years, but I shrugged and said I’d get around to them eventually. Of course I watched Droopy cartoons as a child and even interacted with actual Basset Hounds on occasion, but it occurs to me only now how deprived and sheltered I’ve been.

As I scoured the Internet doing the research for this article, it dawned on me suddenly. The outrageously floppy ears; the gentle, careworn expressions; the way that people gravitate toward Basset Hounds of all ages in public spaces! How could I have failed, for so long, to give Basset Hound puppies the attention they clearly deserve? Now that I have spent serious time thinking about Basset Hound puppies and meditating on the wonders they have to offer, I believe I have improved as a human being.

Basset Hound puppies are coming your way!

This is a portrait of Russell the Basset Hound as a young pup. I’ve had the great privilege to meet Russell. Now 11 years old, Russell cuts a bold and striking figure, and he commands universal attention and affection when he enters a room. You can see the dog he’s become and follow his adventures on his owner’s Instagram page. Thanks for sharing this happy memory, Jeff! Admirers of Basset Hound puppies everywhere salute you!

Next up we have Barnabas. Wide-eyed — or as wide eyed as Basset Hound puppies can be — and eager for some back scratching, this little guy is super adorable. Basset Hound puppies are gentle friends and couldn’t possibly be more photogenic. You can tell he’s got good taste, too, with that Star Wars leash! I think we can all trust Barnabas to recognize the foul stench of the prequels and stick to the original trilogy. Good dog!

This is Hazel! Hazel’s curious about the camera being held in front of her face and instinctively raises her nose toward the odd gadget. Don’t you love these Basset Hound puppies? As you can see, you needn’t ask whether their ears hang low, nor if they wobble to and fro. In all seriousness, owners of Basset Hound puppies can tell you it’s important that their ears be kept clean. Every once in a while, a flap of ear might tumble into the food dish and accidentally get nibbled on.

Say hello to Cooper! She’s had a long day of playing, smelling absolutely everything, and trying to avoid tripping over her ears. Cooper looks tired, but that’s just the normal look of Basset Hound puppies as they await their next adventure. Don’t you just want to reach through the screen of your computer or mobile device and rub the little pink tummies of these Basset Hound puppies?

As Herodotus knew, people much more readily believe the evidence of their eyes than that of their ears. I also favor my sense of touch, and these Basset Hound puppies look like they’d all be in favor of a good scratch behind the ears. In these Basset Hound puppy pictures, you can almost feel yourself massaging their lovely little dewlaps, those little hanging folds of skin, as they cascade gracefully around the neck.

One thing I certainly didn’t know about Basset Hound puppies is that they are inherently social beings. I’m excited to be able to show you not one, but four Basset Hound puppies as they were intended to be seen — in a good-sized group. Basset Hound puppies love to engage with others — dogs, people, whatever. When they roll four deep, the race is on to see who can smell the most stuff.

And what collection of Basset Hound puppies would be complete without at least one where those instantly recognizable ears are flapping in the wind? The ears of Basset Hound puppies are like beacons of joy, and I know you’re showing the person in the next cubicle or across the room and making lots of unintelligible baby noises!

Last, but never in a million years least, is Flynn! As far as Basset Hound puppies go, and we can see they go pretty far, Flynn is a gorgeous specimen. This happy little Basset Hound feels supported and cared for; you can tell by the look of utter contentment on his face.

Share your Basset Hound puppies!

After a lifetime of virtually ignoring them, I can’t stop thinking or talking about Basset Hound puppies. We could talk about Basset Hound puppies until we’re exhausted, but I need to see more. Please post links or pictures of your Basset Hounds when they were puppies so my appetite can be sated!

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