Australian Dogster BooBoo’s Furmom Visits Fellow Dogsters in US

Thank you to Chachi for suggesting that we check out BooBoo's diary! His mom flew all across the US from Australia to meet many of...


Thank you to Chachi for suggesting that we check out BooBoo’s diary!

His mom flew all across the US from Australia to meet many of her dogster pals! This is just a shining example of how dogster helps bring people with the common love of dogs together to form beautiful friendships.

Thank You.

Chachi Burnett

This is such a lovely story!!!! Don’t you love Dogsters!!!!

Mom’s 2008 Dogster USA Tour
May 26th 2008

My mom went to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Baltimore recently and met up with some of my Dogster pals in each city. She had a pawsome time!!!

Before the trip mom had some dramas, she was crazy busy at work and trying to bake cookies for my Dogster pals so she had very little sleep. This made her goofy so she somehow lost her visa credit card at Melbourne airport! It would be like me losing my favorite Tweety Bird stuffie toy so you can imagine how anxious mom was on the 14 hour plane ride to Los Angeles. Luckily just before take off, she managed to call dad to cancel her card. Phewww!!! Luckily she still had her Amex card as well as cash. Anyway 14 bumpy hours later, she landed in LA and was greeted by my BFF Otto’s mom! It was like meeting a friend she had known furever! Mom had been stuck in the customs queue for an hour so poor Otto’s mom was kept waiting in the arrivals hall holding up a card with “BOOBOO” written on it. BOL. Meanwhile poor Beatrix’s mom was circling LAX in her cool monster truck for what must have been a bazillion times. (There’s no cell phone use allowed in the customs area so mom could not even call Otto’s mom.) Mom was only in LA for 2 short days but boy did she pack a lot in. Otto’s mom and Beatrix’s mom were soooooo much fun to hang out with, they took mom out shopping, eating and hiking! Yeah! Mom got to go hiking with Otto, she says Otto is even more handsome in furson! Otto and my mom had an instant bond, I think Otto has replaced Mandy with mom as his new b*tch! He even let mom know by going pee pee on her suitcase! Awww, mom was very flattered 😀 Mom had a special bond with every dogger (and cat!), she was so happy she got to meet Lula, Ratty, Kitty Mommy, Baby Charlie, Johnny Thunder, Suzy and Beatrix! Our moms organized a smelly toy swap so now I have an Otto scented toy and he has a pre-loved BooBoo scented toy 😀 I also got lots of new toys from Beatrix’s mom including Beatrix’s favorite toy – a squeaky octopus! The moms swapped human gifts too, mom gave Otto’s mom and Beatrix’s mom potato print artworks of Lula and Beatrix. Otto’s mom gave my mom a really precious handmade gift – a pawsome ceramic sculpture of my sibling Top Dog Bunny and me! It is really special. Mom was sad to leave LA, the day Otto’s mom drove mom to the airport, they got lost and went through Compton! But it was ok, they had Otto to protect them and mom put on the rap channel so they blended in really well. BOL!

In Chicago mom met up with Drago and his mom! Drago was much larger but as sweet and handsome as mom imagined. He is sooo tall and has such short smooth creamy soft fur! (Harmony, you’re very lucky!) Drago’s mom drove an hour to meet my mom and gave my mom a very special gift – a handmade scrapbook of ME! It was so lovingly put together, so sweet of Drago’s mom! She made it so that my mom could have me close to her on this trip eventhough I wasn’t there in furson, awww! They went on a nice walk in a park and took lots of photos 😀 Mom was happy to see Drago’s hips were looking great and he was getting over his recent tum tum problems.

In New York, mom got to meet Braxton Pooh and his sweet mommy! They took the train from Long Island into Manhattan just to see my mom! They had a “Braxton and the City” experience, Braxton was carried in a designer bag, the moms had cupcakes from Magnolia and they even did some window shopping! Again like each meeting so far, it went by too fast 🙁 They swapped gifts and took lots of photos before it got dark. Braxton Pooh was also bigger than he looks in photos! I think his mom should have bought him a carry bag with wheels, BOL. Mom was so sad that I couldn’t be there to meet my pals in furson so she showed Braxton a video of me which he was really interested in!

In Baltimore mom met up with the mom of the MD5 – Sidney , Niquel, Rocky, Terra and Sasha. She too drove a long way to meet mom but could not bring any of the doggers. It was just a mom meet up but it was so much fun, Yogi’s mom was there too and they went for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with views of the Baltimore Inner Harbor. They all ordered salads so they could fit in lots of cheesecake afterwards, BOL. I think my mom ate the most! They had a lot of laughs and MD5 mom swamped my mom and Yogi’s mom with a huge bag each, filled with toys!

Mom feels sooooo lucky to have met with so many of my Dogster pals, they are all so incredibly wonderful, kind, generous, funny and fun to be with. We are overwhelmed by the pawsome gifts we have received. We are so grateful for all the friends we have made on Dogster! There are so many more she wishes she was able to meet up with, maybe on the next trip…maybe they can come to Oz to visit us!

If anyone would like to see mom’s Dogster USA Tour photos, just drop me a pmail and I’ll give you the link to our photo album.

PS I’m so glad mom’s home!!!!! I’m going to go bury her credit cards and passport so she can’t go away and leave me again!!!!!

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