Australian Dog Owner Cages Rottweiler in His Car

I normally don't use the term "owner" in my posts but that's the only polite word I can find to describe this man! What kind...


Dogs Lives Behind Bars

Australian caged Rottweiler

I normally don’t use the term “owner” in my posts but that’s the only polite word I can find to describe this man! What kind of a cruel idiot is he? And why don’t the Australian laws protect this dog???? I can only assume he is heartless scumbag who takes pleasure in his power over this furbaby. If he can’t keep the puppy in his apartment what about finding another place? Failing that, how about finding the dog a home (being caged in the back of a car is NOTa home, its a prison)?

This terrible story comes to us from The Herald Sun.

It’s a dog of a life

FOR this young rottweiler, home is a cage in the back of a car and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

Some days, sometimes in stifling heat, it is locked up for 24 hours in the parked car in a lane off Eskdale Rd, North Caulfield.

Its physical condition and confinement allow it to stand, turn around and lie down again. And its treatment apparently does nothing for its mental well-being: when the car is approached, it thrusts its head, with teeth bared, out of the side of the cage.

One day this week the dog was distressed in 30C heat.

This cruel treatment has been going on for more than a year, but authorities the RSPCA, police and local council are powerless.

Glen Eira Council refers complaints to the RSPCA and the police; police refer the problem to the RSPCA; the RSPCA says the law does not prevent the owner from keeping his dog in the car.

The dog is caged in the vehicle because its master can’t keep it in his unit.

The good news, report neighbours, is that the dog is let out for an occasional walk.

One nearby resident, who wanted to be known only as Rebecca, said: “It looks so sad. “How can anyone be allowed to treat their pet like that? It is cruel, barbaric. “When it is hot, he just looks drained, but when he is alert, he’s ferocious, bares his teeth, barks and strains to get out.”

The dog’s owner, Brendan Powning, is defiant about his animal’s obvious plight. “If the neighbours have a problem, tell them to come and see me,” Mr Powning said. “I’ve had the RSPCA here. I’ve had the police here. I’ve done nothing wrong.”
When the Sunday Herald Sun spoke to Mr Powning on Friday, he had just returned from taking the dog for a 10-minute walk around local streets without a leash.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

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