My 5 Favorite Dog Things for People on Right Now

The site loves sneaking dogs into fashion items as much as I do.


In the Philippines, the land of my birth, “aso” means “dog,” and so the day I discovered the fashionista treasure trove that is, I knew it would be one of my favorite clothing sites. It doesn’t hurt that it often has a sale going on, or that when you search for “dogs,” “poodles,” or “terriers,” you usually stumble upon pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

As you can imagine, I find myself searching ASOS for dog-themed clothes and accessories fairly often (when you work at Dogster, you’ve gotta represent!), and the seleciton usually offers a coverable item or three.

Here, in no particular order, are some of my current favorites:

1. The Donna Wilson Sausage Dog Scarf — Wilson, a Scottish designer, is big on whimsy, and it’s evident in her line of lambswool winter accessories. She crafted this sausage dog scarf ($51, an ASOS exclusive) alongside a playful flamingo scarf and cake hat. (P.S. CAKE HAT!)

2. The Regal Dog Necklace from ASOS Collection — Unless you are a Level 4 dog lady like I am, you probably won’t appreciate this piece ($61). Not everybody can get away with a chunky necklace dotted with Pointer heads; I get it. But for the three of you out there who are thinking “I could rock it,” let’s start a club. Or a band.

3. The Whistles Dog Sweater — You don’t need to be an extreme dog lady to own this sequined sweater. You just need good taste, and lots of money ($220 to be exact). If you think that’s obscenely expensive for a cashmere-blend dog sweater, punch “Markus Lupfer poodle sweater” into Google and prepare to cry.

4. The People Tree Sausage Dog Fringe Scarf — People Tree is big on fair trade, and each accessory is handmade in Nepal. Of the items it sells on ASOS, this wool fringe scarf is my favorite ($49), but these matching mittens are too cute to go unmentioned, as is this shorter (and cheaper) dog scarf.

5. The Laura Lee Dog Agate Cameo Ring — This! This is a ring to write sonnets about! It features an agate Whippet cameo and 18k gold shell. At $378, we’re content just to look at the pixelized version on our screens. If someone proposed to me with this, I probably wouldn’t say no (hint hint to boyfriend of six years).

Have you guys frequented ASOS before? What other sites should I be visiting for my picks?

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