Ask GiGi: Slum Dog or Millionaire?

GiGi the Boston Terrier dispenses tough love advice to people (and pups) with relationship trouble every Monday in Dogster Magazine. Caution: This is one sassy little bitch.


Hey Gigi!

I was hoping you could help me with my problem with my boyfriend of four years. I love, love, love dogs, but my boyfriend … he enjoys their company, I guess.

When it comes to my two pups, I enjoy buying the things they need. I’m financially steady to do so but my boyfriend believes it’s ridiculous to buy dogs things like toys so they dont chew on HIS SOCKS or mouthwash for their teeth so they dont have bad breath or treats (by the way, I MAKE my own treats sometimes for them but come on, I can’t do it all the time) and mayyyyybbbeee some other stuff to spoil them, but nothing over hundreds of dollars.

How can I make him understand that I support his obsessed hobby of buying video games almost every day (the new ones cost almost $50) so he should support how I like to treat my dogs?



Scrrrreeeeeeech! (That was the sound of me stopping in my tracks to look at you cross-eyed.)

I’m not even going to acknowledge your boyfriend snubbing his nose at your puppy purchases. What century does he live in? Dogs have needs too! Have you seen this season’s line of Zack & Zoey sweaters and Puppini harnesses? To die.

As for this hobby-obsessed big oaf you’re supporting … daily video game-buying is no hobby, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle, that, unless your man’s last name is Lucas, is not going to afford the luxuries your fur kids are now accustomed to. There’s a curb he should be kicked to. Find it and tell him GiGi sent ya. 😉

Sloppy kisses,

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