Ask GiGi: Should Dogs Believe in Santa Claus?

Listen up, pups! Dogster's Top Boston Terrier has some tips for you this holiday season.


Dear GiGi,

My friends and I were wondering … Do you believe in Santa Claus?


Riley from Pleasanton, CA

Hey Rrrrrrrriley!

That seems like an odd question. Are there people who don’t?! Guess they’ve never had a run in with fat guy and a reindeer before. Remind me to tell you about the time one of them scared the bejeeeepers out of me a few years back. Talk about treat-obsessed!

Anyway, let’s not jump the gun, Riley. We still have one of theee best ever holidays on the planet coming and I’m not talking about National Eat Mud Day. It’s the one and only THANKSGIVING!!!! I’m beside myself with the anticipation of falling turkey, dropped stuffing, flung sweet potatoes … ah, the list goes on. Humans’ eyes are always bigger than their stomachs. Combine that with sleep-inducing turkey tryptophan and you have lots of lazy eaters and food doing the inevitable tumble off the plate, onto the lap and KAPOW! onto the floor and into my belly! Oh man, it’s gonna be amazaballs.

P.S. Remind me to tell you about the time I found a WHOLE meatball on the floor of IKEA. The second best day of my life.

Gobble Gobble!


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