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Ask Frank: Why Does My Human Keep Dropping His Ball?

A reader wants to know why his human is always dropping his ball. Our wise Frenchie has the answer -- and a solution for all of the unnecessary fetching.

Frank  |  Jul 29th 2016

Editor’s note: Earlier this year, we chatted with Frank of Ask Frank fame. This witty and wise French Bulldog dispenses advice over the Internet, on his blog, and in adorable videos. We were thrilled when Frank agreed to become a regular Dogster contributor. Look for his column every Friday on Dogster.

1. Serious ball problems


Dear Frank: My human keeps dropping his ball really far away. I always pick it up for him, but I think he has a serious problem.

Duke in California

Dear Duke: I get it, man. The first time they drop the ball, you’re like “Oh, no problem, buddy. I got you.” But then after the fifth or sixth time, I start to think they’re doing it on purpose. I suggest cargo shorts. They have many pockets for your human to store his ball and should prevent future ball droppings. Paws crossed.


2. Breakfast hater


Dear Frank: Sometimes I’m not hungry for breakfast and my mum gets frustrated with me. What can I do?

Breakfast Hater in Connecticut

Dear Breakfast Hater: Just hide your breakfast under the couch. Then you can eat it whenever you want and your mum will be happy. Win-win.


3. Taupe is the new black


Dear Frank: Do you like changing your color sometimes, like me?

Fashion Forward in Florida

Dear Fashion Forward: Of course. Changing your color is a great way to mix up your daily style, and I’m a sucker for a good grass stain. By the way, that shade of taupe is partially flattering on you.


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