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Ask Frank: Is It OK to Steal Food?

Your dogs will like our wise Frenchie columnist's answer to this question. You? Not so much.

dogedit  |  Oct 14th 2016

Editor’s note: Earlier this year, we chatted with Frank of Ask Frank fame. This witty and wise French Bulldog dispenses advice over the Internet, on his blog, and in adorable videos. We were thrilled when Frank agreed to become a regular Dogster contributor. Look for his column every Friday on Dogster.

Wolf Descendant?


Dear Frank: Do you think I’m a descendant of the wolf?

Big Louie in Lafayette

Dear Big Louie: I think you’re a descendant of the couch.


Online Shopping

Dear Frank: Can you buy anything online?

Shopping Queen in Shreveport

Play the video to see Frank’s answer.

Counter Food


Dear Frank: It is okay to eat the hotdog buns sitting on the kitchen counter?

Hungry in Highland

Dear Hungry: Food left on the counter is technically in the public domain.


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