Another Dog Found With Her Muzzle Taped Shut — In Denver This Time

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Has taping a dog’s muzzle shut suddenly become the “cool” thing among sadists? First there was Caitlyn, the Pit Bull who almost lost her tongue because someone had taped her muzzle shut and cut off the blood flow to her tongue and cheeks.

After finally being able to write the good news about Caitlyn recovering from her trauma, finding a new home, and becoming a pinup star for the local firefighter calendar, it turns out that a similar case has shown up in Denver. A two-year-old German Shepherd was found abandoned on the side of the road by two men, with her mouth taped shut and her front paws bound together. Carl Allen, who spotted the dog while driving past with a friend, said that she was terrified and tried to escape when they approached.

Carl Allen, who pulled over to help Dahlia. (Screenshot: WUSA)
Carl Allen, who pulled over to help the dog. (Screenshot: WUSA)

“The dog started urinating on itself it was so terrified. We just kept trying to pet it and tell it that everything was ok, that we’re just trying to help you,” he told television station WUSA.

The tape that was removed from Dahlia's muzzle. (Screenshot: WUSA)
The tape that was removed from Dahlia’s muzzle. (Screenshot: WUSA)

Fortunately, the binding wasn’t as brutal as in Caitlyn’s case. The two men were able to remove the tape themselves, and Allen brought her to the Denver Animal Shelter. Whereas Caitlyn required several hours of surgery to remove the tape and dead tissue, the shelter reports that the dog, now named Dahlia, seems to be in good shape except for a little bit of stickiness around the muzzle.

A shot of Dahlia taken on the scene.
A shot of Dahlia taken on the scene.

“She initially appeared scared when arriving at DAS, but has been quite social with staff and volunteers and is getting daily exercise & enrichment,” shelter representatives wrote in a Facebook post.

The shelter also says that Allen has expressed interest in adopting Dahlia once the investigation is complete. As of this writing, no suspects have been found, but like most people, Allen hopes that they will be found. “I hope karma comes back around and gets them good. They need to go to jail,” he told WUSA.

Via WUSA and Denver Animal Shelter

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