Angel’s Gate Threatened By Development

Martha Garvey wrote: Hi Joy: I'm actually forwarding this for a friend. Apparently Angel's Gate, the animal hospice that does such great work, is in...


Animal Shelter May Be Forced To Close

Martha Garvey wrote:

Hi Joy:

I’m actually forwarding this for a friend. Apparently Angel’s Gate, the animal hospice that does such great work, is in danger of being zoned out of existence, and they need support now. I’m forwarding you an email from a friend, as well as the link.

Martha Garvey.

To My Friends and Family,

I know you all have known the love of an animal. And they deserve to get some love back when they need it, don’t you agree? Angel’s Gate is an extraordinary organization is that is being threatened by unenlightened individuals. If we can show an outpouring of public sentiment to support them, it is possible the greedy developers who would love to have this property – since Susan and Victor would no doubt be forced to sell if they had to end their 501c3 status – will back off and shift their gaze to an easier target.

Because of my overwhelmingly positive personal experience with Angel’s Gate, this battle has me reaching out to many of you who don’t normally receive my activism notices.

Despite her many responsibilities, Susan, the founder of Angel’s Gate sat on the phone with me for a very long time when I was at the end of my rope with Cosette. Let’s just say I was in bad shape mentally from the demands of caring for Cosy and the loss of hope (sleep, money) I was feeling thanks to insensitive and uninformed veterinarians. But thanks to Susan’s sage advice and hard-won wisdom, both Cosette and I are doing incredibly well now – but
those were some dark days and her understanding of what it is to care for a truly compromised animal – and her willingness to take time to talk me “down off the ledge” was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.

The work that is done at Angel’s Gate is unique – no one else takes
care of animals whose lives have been this difficult and whose care
requirements are this demanding. I need to find a way to help this organization to survive.

Acts of humanity need our support to help offset the inhuman acts we are surrounded by.

So I apologize in advance for including some of you who are so far from this area of the world, or not normally activists, but if you trust me and my judgement, please sign this petition. We can’t save the world, but we can make a difference for 200 animals, many of whom knew no kindness until their arrival at Angel’s Gate.

Many thanks,

Follow this link to read and sign the petition on the Angel’s Gate web site.

For those of us not familiar with Angel’s Gate, here is some info from their web site.

At its inception over thirteen years ago, Angel’s Gate cared for animals relinquished by their human companions or by shelters because of medical reasons. The animals came to Angel’s Gate to live out their lives. Since then, Angel’s Gate has expanded it’s purpose to include working with physically challenged animals. In 2000 Angel’s Gate became a wildlife rehabilitation center as well.

Susan is Licensed Veterinary Technician, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner and a Registered Nurse with more than thirty years experience in emergency and critical care, mental health, and the care of critically, and terminally, ill children and their families. She is a specialist in many forms of holistic therapy including, animal communication, TTouch , and essential oils. In 1992, she founded Angels Gate Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre for Animals, the first-of-its-kind residential hospice for animals. It’s non-profit status was granted in 1998. Susan is a popular lecturer and educator, and received the Woman of Distinction Award for New York State in 2001 and the Founders Award from the New York City ASPCA in 2003 for her work with animals.

I wanted to find out if anything had happened so I contacted Susan Marino. Here is her bark back.

Hi Joy,
Thank you so very much for your support. The Town Board has still not made a decision! So we need the ongoing support until they do. I am sending to you the proposed amendment change. The change could be devastating for animals and rescue. If this is passed it could set a precedent and this would just be the beginning. That is why I am fighting this. The definition of “animal hospice” is wrong and describes anyone who does rescue. But the amendment change would also allow the Town to limit the # of people who can work at my home, deciding who is family, and would allow neighbors to decide if that rescue should be there. Thank you again for your support and for taking the time to write.

Angel’s Gate Hospice for Animals
Author: Getting Lucky

I’m not posting the document she mentioned because it is fairly long but you probably get the gist of the matter from these posts. Those of you who are in contact with the Angel’s Gate matter please keep the rest of us posted!

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