Amish and Dogs — Bad combination?

Pennsylvania seems to be getting all the press right now but its going on all over the country -- puppy mills run by the Amish....



Puppy Mills Run By The Amish

Pennsylvania seems to be getting all the press right now but its going on all over the country — puppy mills run by the Amish. Yeah, you say… quaint people in buggies. Good cheese and crafts. Add to that list, some of the most notorious puppy millers in the country.

Check out this video on Pittsburgh’s Channel 4. If you can’t see the video, a complete transcript is posted in President Isabel’s Animal Abuse Commission.. Thank you Benjie (to the right) and Cassie for bringing this to everyone’s attention!

Benjie ATB
If you think this is just an isolated incident check out the Animal News Bulletin Board for more info on Amish and dogs.

In my home state of Missouri, I have heard over and over again that some of the most recalcitrant and vicious puppy millers in the state are Amish or work with the Amish to hold back humane legislation.

So what do we do? We can start by thanking and supporting Sen. Rick Santorum of PA for presenting legislation to close the legal loopholes these “holy breeders” hide behind.

Me? I am no longer buying anything made by or that I even suspect is made by anyone related to the Amish. No cheese. No furniture. No wood toys or geegaws. No quilts. No sausages. No jams or jellies. Nothing! Until these folks get past warehousing and serially abusing dogs, ANYTHING AMISH can stay on the shelves or in the stores as far as I’m concerned. And I intend to let the stores at which I shop know why I am no longer buying my favorite Amish cheeses and food items. I intend to ask at my local Farmer’s Markets and if they say they have Amish goods, I’m passing those goods by. In short, I prefer not to buy products that feed the puppy mills and their owners.

If you want to join me in this, I welcome you and I welcome hearing from you! We may not be able to get all puppy millers with a boycott, but we can hit at the heart of the demon — the Amish who breed and wholesale the breeding stock we call furkids and furfriends.

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