American Airlines Misplaces Dogster Faith, the Two-Legged Dog

So if Faith only has two legs, why can't they buy her a ticket and let her ride in the cabin? In fact, that would...



So if Faith only has two legs, why can’t they buy her a ticket and let her ride in the cabin? In fact, that would be the safest place for her.

As many dog lovers have found out the hard way, letting dogs fly in the luggage area is not the best thing. Faith is flying around to all these media events (and understandably so since Dogster Faith is a very special girl!) but can’t the media bringing her in afford another ticket? There are airlines that will sell tickets for dogs. That’s the ONLY way I would ever let one of mine fly.

And don’t think I’m a Luddite who never gets on a plane! Far from it! Just since the beginning of the year I’ve logged in enough flights to move in on becoming a Northwest Elite flyer again. But plane holds just are not safe for our furfriends. If Sol or one of the others are going to travel with me its IN the main cabin or its by car.

All that aside, I’m really glad to hear Faith is safe with her family!

Thanks to for this news.

Airline Loses Celebrity 2-Legged Dog
‘Faith’ Born Without Use Of Front Legs

ORLANDO, Fla. — A celebrity dog known for walking on two legs was separated from her owner for several hours on Wednesday when an airline put the animal on the wrong flight.

Faith the two-legged dog howled with happiness when she was finally reunited with her owner, Jude Stringfellow, at Orlando International Airport.

Because she has learned to walk upright on her rear legs, Faith also is the world’s most photographed dog.

Stringfellow went to pick up Faith after arriving in Orlando on a flight from Oklahoma City. But for hours, no one could find the dog, she said.

She was “nervous and I was upset because they wouldn’t give me any solid information,” Stringfellow said.

Stringfellow said Faith‘s spirit kept her going. The dog was born without the use of her front legs and still managed to survive.

“The whole concept behind my dog is faith, and I named her Faith,” she said. “I can’t give up hope or give up faith.”

American Airlines finally tracked Faith down, Stringfellow said. The dog was accidentally placed on a different flight to Orlando.

Follow this link to read the rest and watch the video.

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