Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Finn Steals Her “Elle” Magazine Spread

Oh, she's in there too, but we can't stop looking at her dog, an Australian Shepherd.

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

The upcoming June issue of Elle UK features Amanda Seyfried in designer clothes from Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent, according to Refinery 29, but if you look a little to her left … a little more to to her left … a little more … there! That’s her dog, Finn.

Seyfried got her dog in the cover spread of a major fashion magazine.

How does one go about doing something like that? Well, you start by being a famous person with a wonderful dog — in this case, an Australian Shepherd. Then you show everybody how wonderful your dog by featuring him nonstop on your Instagram, which you populate with pictures like this one:

Soon, even the editors of Elle are shrugging their shoulders and mumbling, “I suppose so” when you mention that your dog might be a good fit for the cover spread of their fashion magazine.

Here are some more great pictures featuring Finn. Seyfried is clearly doing right by her dog.

Some people are calling Seyfriend’s Instagram the “best celebrity feed of all time.” Hell, why not? What do you think?

All photo via Amanda Seyfried’s Instagram

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