Alina Kremer’s Pet Portraits Capture the Vibrancy of Dogs

The San Francisco painter re-creates photos of dogs as bright acrylic paintings -- and what happy dogs!

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 10th 2012

With a camera available on almost every electronic device (pretty soon your garage-door opener will have a 10-megapixel camera on it because why not?), it’s easy to snap photos of our favorite pooches. Oh, look! He’s sleeping! Click. He’s drooling! Click. He’s peeing on the neighbor’s lawn! Click. Slap a filter on those bad boys and then load ’em to Instagram so all your friends can coo in adoration of your adorable dog.

But what if you want to take your dog’s immortalization one step further? Let’s say you want to commission a painting of your canine friend to hang on your wall. But you can’t paint. Then what?

You could employ the vision and talent of San Francisco artist Alina Kremer, who brings new vibrancy to your usual pet photos by re-creating them as bright acrylic paintings. Drawing inspiration from anything and everything, Alina paints pets against whimsical colors and patterns, adding a burst of color that skillfully conveys dogs’ upbeat nature.

We especially love the dogs set against fun wallpaper backgrounds — it gives them a retro feeling suitable for any wall in the house.

Alina’s work isn’t limited to just dogs, but we gotta admit: We’re partial to the pooches!

Images via Alina’s website … and check it out for pricing and options.