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Alexander Wang’s Spiked Collar for the Gothy Dog Owner

This high-fashion collar-and-leash set is delightfully dark.

dogedit  |  Jan 4th 2013

OK, I’ll admit it: When I was a teenager, I had a taste for black clothing. I wasn’t really depressed and I actually wasn’t really into the music, but I loved the Victorian Gothic look. And now that look seems to be coming back in a mainstream way. Did you know Chanel even released a black nail polish? And everyone’s wearing it! When I was a teenager I used to get teased for it, and now I see girls in Urban Outfitters (ssshhh, don’t tell anyone I shop there!) wearing black polish.


Now that goth is cool, even people’s pets are getting in on the aesthetic. Designer Alexander Wang now offers a dog collar and leash for the particularly gothy dog and dog owner. Made from soft leather, the collar features modern blunted spikes and other matte black hardware.


The set is going for a cool $165, which is a big jump from the non-designer, cheap spiked dog-collar I got from Hot Topic as a teenage girl. Who knew I would be such a trendsetter as an outsider?

$165 is probably a little steep for most of us, but if we had a dog like Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, it’d be the only appropriate leash and collar!

Images via Alexander Wang