Adora the Pit Bull Holds No Grudges for Her Puppy Mill Past

She's so well adjusted, she works as a therapy dog -- after five long years in a puppy mill.


Adora was pregnant again. The puppies came and went so frequently she no longer knew how many litters it had been that year — or that lifetime. At the tender age of five, her body had been disfigured by her relentless pregnancies.

Worse was that once her kittens were born, she had very little time with them — they were whisked away before she was ready to wean them on her own. The short spans of time between her pregnancies were no relief, either. The wire cage she called home bit into the soft pads of her paws, which had never felt the cool touch of grass.

We know a better life is possible, but for Adora, it was the only life she’d had. That is, until she was rescued by the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and subsequently adopted by kind, compassionate humans, who saw her potential to help others as a certified therapy dog.

Anyone else in Adora’s position might have held a grudge toward the humans who harmed her, but Adora welcomes everyone with a wagging tail and kisses. That feat alone makes her our Monday Miracle.

No longer forced to bear puppies against her will, Adora now works to help heal her human friends while changing perceptions about Pit Bull-type dogs. She just recently underwent surgery to remove a mast cell, but according to her Facebook page, Adora is doing well.

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Photos via Adora’s Facebook page

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