Senior Dog Feature: Sugar the Manchester Terrier Is Nearly Blind But Knows Love and Trust

This Dogster member completes the series highlighting Adopt a Senior Dog Month.


Dogster member Sugar proves that senior dogs are worth it. Though Sugar was adopted from a shelter in her youth, her human friend has remained devoted to the Manchester Terrier even as she has aged and developed diabetes, for which the dog requires not only a prescription diet, but insulin shots twice a day every day. I can’t even remember to take my acne medication daily, much less make sure someone else takes her daily treatment!

But for Sugar’s human friend, the extra care and expense is all worth it. At 12 years old, Sugar has lost most of her sight, but it’s not a problem when she knows she can trust her loving human friend, whom she follows by voice. Sugar has been a part of the Dogster community, where she inspires such a sense of delight that someone else vouched for her when I asked for nominations. It’s like she’s a little Dogster celebrity!

One of the greatest reasons older dogs end up in shelters is because people don’t want to see them through the the increased care they need. But a dog, unlike a worn shoe, isn’t just an object that you can discard when you’re done with it! It makes me wonder what those people expect to happen when they get old. While it’s terribly bittersweet to know you’ll probably outlive your dog friend, their short lives are precious reminders of our own mortality and the preciousness of the life we do have.

For Sugar, she can move into her golden years knowing she’ll be taken care of.

All photos via Sugar’s Dogster member page

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