A Tail of Devotion — Colyn the Helpful Moose

What a a wise dog Colyn is! Check out this Tail of Devotion from both sides of the food bowl -- Colyn and his human!...


A Touching Tale Of Love

What a a wise dog Colyn is! Check out this Tail of Devotion from both sides of the food bowl — Colyn and his human!

Colyn, where do I start? You have taught me so much in so little time. Although, it feels like forever and no time at all, both at the same time. You have taught me to pause, and sniff, and play. To appreciate something as simple as a slimy green tennis ball. You have taught me that a crisis isn’t really a crisis. If I just stop, breath, think; I can deal with anything, solve anything, and move on. How often have I caught myself getting worked up and angry over the silliest nothing, only to look at you and realize that you think I am mad at you. So, I have to stop, and breath, and think, and reassure you that it is not you. And as soon as I tell you that, you’re all better again. So easy to forgive. That, too, you have taught me. To forgive. And to praise that which pleases me, and ignore that which does not. Perhaps that was the most difficult to learn. To teach myself to give voice to all the things that I like and all the things that please me, instead of constantly complaining about all that is wrong or might go wrong. We are neither of us perfect, but we are so much closer than when we started this journey 2 1/2 years ago. Perhaps, by the time 2 1/2 years has passed again, we might be perfect.

M.P., I wasn’t so sure about you at first. You weren’t nearly as much fun as that man person we lived with for so long. Yes, you played with me, but always you made demands of me. You had rules. I had to behave. Things had to be done your way. I didn’t particularly like that. However, now that I am slightly matured, I realize that having rules and behaving is very good for a dog. What would I do without rules? I would simply be lost. We have had to negotiate several rules, but you have proved willing and able to do so, and I must say that I very much appreciate that. I’m a happy, content, good dog. You are, for the most part, a good human. You do tend to over dramatize, as humans sometimes do. Like this silly Tail of Devotion nonsense. Really, is this necessary? I know you love me, because you take such good care of me. And you know I love you, because I take such good care of you. (Even if you don’t realize that eating the garbage is taking care of you. It is, truly. Would I lie to you?) Now then, we’re just wasting valuable time here. We could be playing ball or something. Or, I think I’ll go take a nap

This is the sanity and peace we should all be learning!

Thanks Colyn and Colyn’s human for sharing this in your Tale of Devotion (even if you do think it’s “nonsense,” Colyn).

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