Today is dreaded hump day, two more days of work until the weekend. I thought some of you might need a little lift and I think I’ve found the perfect picture to do it. How cute are these pups?

According to the Metro UK, the dogs live in China and started going shopping for their 76-year-old owner Sun Chien after she had a stroke. She realized they had this talent when one day on a shopping trip with an ordinary cart Pong jumped up and tried to help. Now the dogs have a specially built cart and go to the market on their own with a list and money.

Are you smiling yet? No? Wait, there’s more. If one of the dogs gets tired pushing he’ll hop in the cart and the other one takes over.

Tell me you’re not smiling now and I won’t believe you.

* Pic courtesy CEN, Wow Wow is on the left and Pong Pong on the right.