A Real Life Tearjerker — Gypsy’s Progress

Thanks to Stacie for barking in to share this real life tearjerker! Stacie wrote: Joy, I just wanted to share this story of Dogster dogs...

A Husky’s Rescue Story


Thanks to Stacie for barking in to share this real life tearjerker!

Stacie wrote:
I just wanted to share this story of Dogster dogs (and people) coming together for the love of a very skinny dog.

I work at a small shelter in southeast Nebraska. We had a gentleman walk in on 10/14, saying that they found a dog last night and it was in pretty bad shape. At that time we were so full that we were reaching a crisis point. We asked him how bad the dog was and thought that perhaps it would need to go to the vet right away and not take up any of the kennel space at the shelter. The man left to get the dog and came back 15 minutes later with the skinniest dog I have ever seen. Skin and bones doesn’t even begin to describe her. The man said she wouldn’t even move until he gave her food and water. The first thing she did when I walked up to meet her was lick my hand and from that moment I was hooked. I immediately loaded her into my car to drive her to the vet’s. She was a husky mix that was weak, stinky, and emaciated. I had to lift her in and out the car and could do so easily.

The vet saw her right away. She weighed 31lbs and that was with the choke collar she was found wearing. I knew what the shelter situation was and wondered out loud if she was heartworm positive (if she was positive, it would make the decision of what to do with her that much easier- there was no way she could survive treatment in the state she was in). The vet asked me to hold her head as he drew blood for the test. I felt every single one of the bones in her neck, it was one of the most disgusting moments followed by a very happy one. She was heartworm negative! The vet gave her a couple of booster shots, a little food and water and said “We’ll see what Monday brings”.

I talked with the shelter manager on Monday evening. She said the dog was doing better but the decision was made that she was in no kind of adoptable state and we just didn’t have the resources to help her. I said “Fine, let me see if I can find a rescue”. I had 72 hours.

The first thing I did was post on the Dogster forums asking if anyone had any connections to a husky rescue. Several replies came in but one in particular looked promising. It was from Lucy telling me about Free Spirit Siberian Husky Rescue in northern Illinois. I followed up
and made a few phone calls. After a day or so Free Spirit called me back and told me they would take the skinny girl! I named her Gypsy and would pick her up from the vet’s the following Tuesday and foster her until she was strong enough for her trip.

Well, that day has come. Gypsy gained 13lbs in two weeks and is getting stronger every day. Then the call went out for help with transport.

More offers of help and support poured in. Finally dogsters Takoda and family, as well as Gabrielle, and Lucy and her pack were assigned the honors of transporting Gypsy to IL.

Gypsy will travel from NE to Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday, and finish her journey to IL on Sunday. Free Spirit will take her in, fatten her up and get her spayed before she is adopted.

Without the help of Dogster and the great people who visit this site, I don’t really know what would have happened to Gypsy. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and has even charmed my cranky girl Riley into playing with her at the dog park. Everyone who meets her is amazed by her story and how far she has come in such a short amount of time. I can only hope the perfect family is waiting for her when she gets to IL. You can visit her site to see some great before/after shots — check out Gypsy now!

Thank you Dogster for all you do for us dogs and the people that love them!

Stacie, Riley, Gypsy and Moose

Update– Gypsy arrived safely in Illinois on Sunday!

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