A Gift to the Environment: Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

When shopping for holiday gifts for dogs, dog lovers, and others, it's nice to consider the environment by minimizing one's carbon paw-print. With that goal...


When shopping for holiday gifts for dogs, dog lovers, and others, it’s nice to consider the environment by minimizing one’s carbon paw-print. With that goal in mind, there’s one gift that -while itcertainly won’t impress a dog -any dog lover would be more than happy to receive.

We’re talking biodegradable poop bags.

In my animal house,it would be impossible tohave too many of these.Conventional wisdom says a holiday prezzie shouldn’t be too functional, but I say a gift this usefulshould never be met with scorn. Plus, it’s one of those holiday gifts that incentivize making an Earth-friendlyNew Year’s resolution – and sticking to it.

I resolved some years ago to make the switch from plastic bags to biodegradable ones. It happenedas soon as I understood that plastic bags sit in landfills for 1,000 years without ever decomposing.(Let’s noteven think about howmanymillenniathat is in dog years.)

Here’s another hazard of releasing plastic bags into the environment: they get blownall over the place,into treesand out onto the ocean, where marine wildlife mistake them for food, suffering injury and death by ingesting them. I don’t want that on my conscience.

There are biodegradable bags and biodegradable bags – some look asdrab as thesubstance they’re designed to pick up.And that’s OK, but at holiday time, why shouldn’t everything look festive – even poop bags? I’m all for laying in a supply of the most cheerful-looking bags out there. Andthat unique distinction goes to the “No. 2” bag by Harry Barker, which comes in everybody’s favorite, environmentally-correct color: green.

These bags aren’t green in color only, however; they are alsofully biodegradable. What’s more, they come in convenient rolls that fit into almost any coat or pants pocket, so you’re never at a loss for this critical dog-walking accessory. I pre-load the pockets of my various jackets and jeans with rolls of No. 2 bags so I’m always prepared for poop pickup.

Anyone with an appreciation ofstyle and designwill totally get the “No. 2” gag. It’s meant, of course,as a reference to the iconic Chanel fragrance, No. 5 – the one famously, naughtilyworn in lieu of a negligee by none other than Marilyn Monroe.Withone of these green bags, Fido’s fecal matter becomes almost fashionable. Well, at least picking it up does.

While we’re on the subject of poop pick-up, it helps to have hand wipes at the readyany timeyou’re out walking the dog. Even with the best bags, sometimes accidents happen in the pick-up process – especially if, like me, you’re kind of clumsy in the morning hours. For those times, the best-smelling,most environmentally friendlywipes are made by CleanWell, and contain no toxic Triclosan or alcohol.

Everyone should make it their New Year’s resolution to eliminate Triclosan from household cleaning products, andswabbing hands and paws with non-toxic wipes is a great way to start. CleanWellwipescome in convenient travelpacks – kind of like travel-size tissues – with a re-sealable opening, designed to keep the contents from drying out before their time.

Plus, they’re great for wiping off Fido’s feet – top and bottom – just in casehis paw-pads make contactwith anything unsavory; one quick wipe-down and the evidence won’t betracked all over your home. Again, these wipesmake excellent holiday gifts despite their supreme functionality.

What’s the most useful dog-related holiday gift you’ve ever given or received? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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