A Bucket List for Your Dog?

In the 2007 film The Bucket List, two terminally ill men set off on an adventure to do all the things they want to do...

One of the items on Hudson's bucket list was riding in the car with his nose out the window -- something he had never been allowed to do. (Photo: Orange County Register)

In the 2007 film The Bucket List, two terminally ill men set off on an adventure to do all the things they want to do before they “kick the bucket.” This idea recently inspired an Irvine, Calif. family to write a bucket list for their dog, who was diagnosed with terminal and rapidly spreading cancer. He was given two to four weeks to live. He lasted three months.

The Pipers thought of the things that Hudson, their 10-year-old chocolate lab, would normally try to sneak or get away with, and used this as a basis for his bucket list. Here’s what was on the list, according to an article in the Orange County Register:

The first item was a popcorn movie night, Hudson got his own sleeping bag on the floor with the kids to watch “Hotel For Dogs” as he devoured a big bowl of buttered popcorn. The next was a pancake dinner a bowl of cheerios and pancakes that matched the size of his tongue as he lapped them up.

There were also the extra hugs and kisses.

Just how many extra?

“A hundred of each every day, maybe,” said Maggie Piper.

They would check off the list as they went. He had the car ride with his head out the window and more walks around the neighborhood. They had enough time with Hudson that they got to do some of the things twice, like the popcorn movie night.

The last item on this list was “say goodbye.”

Hudson ate doughnuts for his last meal on the way to the vet’s.

The Pipers accomplished everything on Hudson’s bucket list. They miss him greatly, but they’re comforted by the knowledge that they made him so happy in his last months.

This got me to thinking about a bucket list for Jake. What would we put on it? A few things come to mind:

A hamburger cake celebrating his life. He could get a slice every day or two.

A stack of flip-flops for whenever he felt like chewing them apart to impress company

A road trip to Carmel, Calif., which I consider to be the most dog-friendly place in California, if not the nation. We would stay at a super dog-friendly hotel co-owned by Doris Day, and enjoy an afternoon on the beautiful white-sand beach.

All the hugs and kisses and attention he could stand

A couple of spoonsful of sweetened condensed milk. He is obsessed with the stuff.

We’d let him bark at the cat who sneaks into our yard instead of hushing him up so he doesn’t bother the neigbhors.

He would get to go on any couch or bed in the house any time he wanted. If he can’t get up to them, we’d have a slumber party near his doggy bed so he could be surrounded by the people who love him.

My question to you: What would you put on your dog’s bucket list if one day you end up in a situation like the Piper family?

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