A Beauty Product Inspired by a Beautiful Dog

Some people share such a unique bond with their dogs thatit completely alters their life'scourse. The best-friendship of fashion designer John Bartlett and his three-legged...

Some people share such a unique bond with their dogs thatit completely alters their life’scourse. The best-friendship of fashion designer John Bartlett and his three-legged muse Tiny Tim is a great example of how a good dog’s love can inspire an already-creative person to brilliant new creative heights.

Now, meet another imaginative person who received a jolt of inspiration by befriending a dog: Candida Motisko of Candy’s Organics, maker of RESCUE ME! Scrub,the new gotta-have-itskincare product.

This brilliant beauty potion softensand tightensskin all over the body (including the face) with its all-natural, chemical-free blend of olive oil, citrus plant extracts, raw organic honey, almonds, and “salts of the sea and sun.” Every batch is made by hand according to a recipe handed down to Motisko from her Italian grandmother Filippa.

Believe me: This stuff is the definition of delicious. It smells so nourishing, you and your dog maybe tempted to spread it on toast! After just one application, you’ll be hooked – that’s how smooth it leaves the skin, even on rough patches like heels and elbows.Motisko is her product’s own best advertisement:At 50, she has the kind of enviably radiant, wrinkle-freeskin that makes women want to know her secret.

As for the scrub’s name -RESCUE ME! – Motisko explains, “We all need to be rescued at some point in our lives.” For her, that point came one year ago, when she found herself out of work and decided to embark on a cross-country road trip, starting in her home city of New York and heading West. That trip turned into a voyage of discovery when Motisko’s car entered a parking lot in Kayenta, Arizona.

A little black puppy with short legs approached her. “As the pup traveled through the parking lot toward me, she looked up at me with RESCUE ME written all over her face,” recalls Motisko, whoimmediately scooped up the pup and bought her two hamburgers. The hungry littlestray devoured the food, then fell fast asleep in the passenger seat ofMotisko’s car.

After inquiring at the local animal shelter, Motisko decided to keep the dog. She named her Zona, after the dog’s home state. Later, back at home in New York, someone at the dog park enlightened her as to the meaning of Zona. “It means whore in Hebrew,” Motisko says with a laugh. No matter: Zona kept her name. And every week, this devoutK9 Magdalenaccompanies her humanto Sunday services at The Church of the Holy Trinity, where dogs are always welcome.

Remembering the hot, fateful day that brought her and Zona together, Motisko echoes the sentiments of so many people who’vegladly allowedtheir lives tobe reorganized by a foundling dog: “She really rescued me.”

Upon returning to Manhattan, Motisko approached the challenge of finding work with new enthusiasm. It was the seventhanniversary of her mother Theodora’s death from ovarian cancer. Motiskobelieves shebought her beloved Mom two extra years by supplementingTheodora’s care with homeopathic remedies. Now, she was struck with new career inspiration, and she resolved to help others with a different kind of natural remedy: the recipe for grandmother Filippa’shomemade skin scrub, whichMotisko found quite by accident in her mother’s journal. Alas, mother and daughter never found time to makethe recipe together.

“Before my mother died, she toldme she’d come back to me as a bird,” Motisko says. Whenher daughterasked what kind of bird, Mom replied, “You’ll know me by my whistle.” A surprising encounter with a very vocal cardinal shortly after her mother’s death inspired the design ofthe RESCUE ME!label; in honor ofMotisko’s Mom, it features ared birdperched amongst brightly-colored flowers.

And in honor of the other central female figure inher life,Zona, and the millions of forgotten black dogs just like her who still need homes,Motisko promises to donate a portion of proceeds from sales to animal shelters and environmental causes. It’s often said that people and their dogs ultimately come to resemble each other; these two, with their matching dark hair and brown eyes, make quite the dynamic duo.Tough to tell which one is cuter.

“Candy’sOrganics believes in sustainability and would like to help heal our world,” Motisko concludes.Now, there’s aproduct that gives new meaning to the old beauty-industryterm “hope in a jar.”

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