2 Xolos Available as Pain Relief Dogs for Those Suffering from Fibromyalgia

I have heard about Xolos' history as healers but its good to see someone putting them into service to help humans in pain. I look...



I have heard about Xolos’ history as healers but its good to see someone putting them into service to help humans in pain. I look forward to meeting one of these warm-hearted dogs in the future!

The PawsforComfort site also has a lovely line of card and gifts with Xolos on them.

Thanks to the National Fibromyalgia Association for this announcement.

Grants for Pain Relief Dogs
Friday, March 14, 2008

FMOnline vol. 8, no. 3

Xolos are a breed of dog that can provide the same warmth as a heating pad for relief of chronic pain. Due to their hairlessness, the dogs’ heat is easily felt. Dogs weighing more than 12 lbs also provide traction that can contribute to pain relief.

1. Those interested in obtaining a “hot dog” have a possibility of receiving a grant for a dog. Please visit pawsforcomfort for grant criteria, pictures, and the application forms.

2. Currently two dogs are available: one male and one female miniature-size Xolos, born Oct. 15, 2007.

3. The dogs are currently undergoing obedience and service dog preparation training. The grant does include service dog training costs and other fees.

4. The dogs may be placed without the grant if an applicant has his own resources and does not qualify for the grant. X-CPR will provide training support, among other benefits.

Here’s more information from the pawsforcomfort site:

Paws for Comfort is developing a unique program for people with chronic pain who respond to heat therapy.

Xolos for Chronic Pain Relief (X-CPR) is a service dog placement program which Paws For Comfort envisions as a way to help others experience this amazing source of relief and comfort. Of course, all animals offer us companionship and comfort, and Xolos are not better than any other breed of service dog.

What is unique about Xolos is that they provide a service most other breeds can’t: they are non-edible Hot Dogs! Their history of being heating pads, dates back 3500 years to the Ancient Aztecs, and in fact, Xolos were actually eaten because they believed the healing powers of the dogs would cure them when ingested (not recommended now!).

Like many other service dogs, Xolos are highly intelligent. They can be easily trained to do any service task (except for pulling a wheelchair, though they would try if it pleased you!).

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